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Charapro Great Nita Figure Review Part 2

A while ago, I wrote a brief article about the Great Nita DX blister pack from my collection. To this day, I still can't get myself to open the contents, but as luck would have it another Great Nita figure was listed for sell on eBay that is loose and comes with all of his accessories minus the barbed wire. Although a vital accessory was missing, an extra chair, ring bell, and hammer was included in this bundle deal. I managed to snag this great set for a good price, and now I have the pleasure to review both Great Nita and most of his official accessories.

This version of the Great Nita, in particular, is very significant because Nita wore this costume during his first and only fight with the Great Muta in a "No Rope, Barbed Wire, Barricade Electric Land Mine, Double Hell Death match." Charapro has really outdone themselves by creating a new mold for 98% of the figure, while the other 2% preserved some physical traits of Onita.

First, let's review the Great Nita with his head gear on. The Great Nita is an alter ego borrowed from the Great Muta to fit Onita's hardcore style. The result showed Nita in a similar costume to Muta, but is also different at the same time. Take for instance, Nita's head gear. The white veil is outlined in black and sports a black outlined flame like Muta, but this version has a silver crest around the crown. The crest has some engravings in shapes of curves and diamonds.

The rest of the Great Nita's outfit is equally stunning in detail. He sports a metallic white karate gi, covered in (painted) silver diamond gems, Japanese lettering outlined in silver, and a black painted insigna on his left chest. Those silver wristbands are outlined in black, topped off with yin yang symbols. The outfit also displays multiple levels of wrinkles in the fabric as Nita takes his fighting stance for added realism.

Upon removing Nita's hood, notice that the only feature borrowed for the Great Nita is, of course, Atsushi Onita's original head sculpt, but with a painted face and an open mouth for reasons, which will be explained later. Nita's face is painted black with hints of white, red, and green lettering. Somehow, the ninja hood fits a little too snug on Nita's head, yet there are no immediate signs of major of minor paint rubs.

As an upgrade to Great Nita's value, Charapro included a huge amount of accessories to create a hardcore match environment. Included in the set was a sickle attacked to a 10 inch long chain, a fire breathing effect that fits in Nita's mouth, and a folding chair for Atsushi Onita. A set of three barbed wire ropes, long enough to wrap around NJPW's toy ring, was supposed to be a complete part of this group, but they were missing.

The sickle is made out of soft, flexible plastic, but the weapon was nicely designed and painted perfectly. Likewise, the 10 inch chain was a nice touch, and  is easily the best display accessory to match with Nita, along with the sickle. The best part is wrapping the chain around Nita's body in various ways, depending on which style looks the coolest. However, the bad news for anyone who peeves over this critical standard, is Nita's left hand does not appear to naturally grasp the sickle's handle. Instead, the sickle pegs into an open palm, which takes away a small sense of realism.

The fire blowing effect, although is neatly made in craftsmanship and color, isn't quite accurate to how Nita really used them in his arsenal; he throws fire, not blow fire. Somehow, all fire throwing wrestlers starting from the original (Original Sheik/Ed Farhat) to Atsushi Onita/Great Nita were misrepresented as fire blowers in comic books, video games, and in this case, toys.

Onita's folding chair has some unique engineering done to it; the chair locks in a folded and unfolded position due to a set of small pegs and a clip located at the edge of the seat. Bashing other figures' heads repeatedly with this chair may cause those tiny pegs to snap and break apart permanently, so please be careful.

The seller threw in more weapons to go with Nita that wasn't included with the original set:  Another folding chair in a different color, a ring bell, a hammer to go with the bell, and a wrench. These extra pieces certainly offers a better variety for a hardcore match display.

Even though the Great Nita set isn't complete, I can immediately see why Nita and all of his accessories are very well received. Everything needed to reenact the official dream hardcore deathmatch between Nita and Muta is here. Besides the accessories, Nita as a toy sports a lot of appeal; from the colors, designs, and anything in between. This figure complete with all the weapons is recommended.

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