Sunday, September 16, 2012

1st Anniversary Special: CCP Heisei Godzilla Figure Review

Today marks The Rave Corner's first year anniversary! On this special day, I'd like to review what is easily one of my favorite Godzilla figures of all time. For those who already read some or all of my top 10 Kaiju figures from last year, this version of Godzilla definitely shook up my previous ranking. I'll explain why in this review.

The Figure:  This particular piece was distributed by a CCP (Character Contents Production). They were founded in 2002, and has since made a name for themselves by producing highly detailed figures based on Japanese pop culture (anime, kaiju, etc.). The official name of this figure is called, "PLEX X CCP collaborated Godzilla Series Vol. 004 1994," which meant Godzilla Vs SpaceGodzilla was the inspiration for this design.

Godzilla's sculpt boasts fantastic appeal, almost flawless in design. The exterior seems just about right in texture and bulk. Everything from the scales, fins, and tail is spot on.

The whole figure is molded from black vinyl, but the fins, claws, and toes were painted white. To add a little more depth to detail, Godzilla's toes were slightly coated with dark gray while the feet and ankles are slightly airbrushed with light gray. The paint job is very simple, but vastly effective. The best part of this figure is Godzilla's facial expression.

For starters, Godzilla's eyes is visually the most craziest stare implemented on a toy. Those glassy eyes along with that grin makes this monster look very psychotic, which is a very interesting approach.

Another benefactor to this outstanding work is the way Godzilla is posed. He stands upright with one leg positioned forward and his tail curves to the right, creating a freeze frame of Godzilla stomping his way through some city or strolling on land.

Compared to other toy manufacturers, this figure brought forth a different interpretation of Godzilla, which is very appreciated.

Figure Specs:


Size Comparison:  CCP's Heisei Godzilla figure stands an inch taller and is wider in bulk.

Final Thoughts:  This figure does have almost no articulation whatsoever, but the solid aesthetic value trumps such minor inconvenience. If you're a fan of Godzilla and figures made by CCP, you may never be disappointed with this piece. This figure offers a unique pose that isn't seen on any other vinyl figure, and the solid craftsmanship seems to reflect some great methods borrowed from fantastic manufacturers before CCP. Hopefully CCP will continue to provide more Godzilla figures to enjoy sometime in the future.

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