Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ultraman Gaia Antimatter Figure Review

Antimatter's first and only appearance was in Ultraman Gaia: The Monster from Negative Space. On it's way to Earth, this monster destroyed a planet far beyond our galaxy. As soon as Antimatter descended on this planet, it wasted no time in turning the entire city of Tokyo into a personal palace. For more information about Antimatter, click HERE. This figure seemed pretty cool online, so I managed to buy Antimatter for a really good price.

The Figure:  At first glance, Antimatter has a striking resemblance to Pestar. The concept is a little similar, but the overall design does add a lot of cosmic flare. Antimatter feels more like a vintage piece because even though he was made in 1998, the material feels as thick and durable as hard vinyl. The design, paint, and other details leave a pretty good impression overall. Antimatter has these seemingly plate-like designs in the front combined with some kind of bristle texture. There is also a set of thorns positioned in the middle of Antimatter's torso. In contrast, the backside has a hard, rocky exterior like the Thing.

To add more details on this figure, the entire piece was painted with some hints of silver and red, along with two shades of metallic blue highlights. Overall, Antimatter's presentation is wonderful.

Figure Specs:


Size Comparison:

Final Thoughts:  For the right price, collectors of all kinds of Ultraman monsters may find this figure interesting. Antimatter borrows a concept used before, but offers something different that some could appreciate. The only downside to this figure is that Antimatter has just about zero articulation, and sometimes it looks boring standing on your desk or shelf. However, as far as looks are concerned, Antimatter does seem a little more appealing than Pestar.


  1. Nice review! Do you happen to have any of those vinyl Ultraman figures or Ultra-Act where you can maybe post some size scaling pictures of? Would be helpful more to see that size scaling. The monster you selected from the Ultraman Jack show is a bit on the short side from the looks of things in that one particular photo. Thank you in advance! :)

    1. Thank you for the compliment Timothy! Unfortunately, I admit that I do not have any Ultraman figures at the moment. I just got into the Ultra series not too long ago, and have only collected three monster figures so far (two of them you see above). My apologies for not giving an appropriate size comparison photo. I will take this into consideration next time.

  2. I have this figure to! I Think its one of the most original figures out there

    1. Thanks for the comment! I do agree with your opinions exactly. There's something about this design that strikes a lot of intrigue with me.


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