Sunday, August 19, 2012

Transformers Generations Fall of Cybertron Shockwave Figure Review

Welcome to another edition of Saibaa Nichiyoobi and today I'll review what could be one of the most popular figures in the Transformers Generations series this year! Shockwave was one out of three characters to be introduced in wave 1 of the Transformers Generations line. The other characters were Optimus Prime and Jazz. All three figures' designs were inspired by their appearances in the video game, "Fall of Cybertron."

Alt. Mode:  Shockwave's alternate mode is a Cybertronian mobile artillery space craft. To some fan's disappointment, Shockwave is not a Cybertronian hand gun this time. There is a video tutorial on YouTube that shows us how to convert the alt mode into a gun, but the result is rather unimpressive.

The details are exquisite, as the alt mode boasts highly durable space armor combined with Cybertronian technology. Another bonus is the traditional purple color, much similar to G1 Shockwave, along with some black and dark silver parts. Sometimes, the body color can seem bland, so having a little more silver or Decepticon symbols somewhere could help.

Transformation:  There is one problem that everyone may have to deal with eventually. During the transformation phase to Shockwave's alternate mode, you must insert two tabs from the front end of the laser cannon into two holes. This process will eventually rub the silver paint off. (Click the photo below for higher resolution)

Robot Mode:  Shockwave's robot mode outshines the alternate mode by a landslide. He preserves a good amount of physical traits inherited by the classic version, while adding some modern alterations. Most of the classic colors are there, but like Shockwave's alternate mode, a little more silver paint or Decepticon symbols could make the details pop more. The good news though is that Shockwave does have light piping to display a glowing red eye effect. Besides the marvelous design, this figure comes with a cool laser cannon accessory. With that piece you can peg the gun in one of Shockwave's hands, store it on the backpack (not my favorite), or plug the weapon in the forearm to create the giant laser cannon.

Another feature that was not officially mentioned, is the front piece of Shockwave's laser cannon can be removed, revealing a triple barrel handgun.

There is only one thing missing, and that is a cable connecting the arm and upper torso together.

Figure Specs:


Final Thoughts:  Fall of Cybertron Shockwave may not be as bulky as his earlier G1 version or other figures from wave 1, but this figure still pays a great tribute to the classic edition. The modifications, though unfavored by some, were perfectly implemented with no affect on aesthetic appeal. The accessory only adds more value to this figure, and even though Shockwave's alternate mode may not be so popular, his Cybertronian artillery space craft disguise is still satisfactory. Transformers fans, old or new, may overall feel satisfied with this figure.


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