Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Takara Fuurin-Idom (Wind Chime Idom) Figure Review

There are some series that I read great reviews about, but never had the chance to experience such pleasure myself. Tekkouki Mikazuki is definitely something I'd love to watch, if the show was available on DVD or by other means. To quickly describe what this show is about: A little boy (Kazeo) has a unique ability to somehow pilot a giant robot called Mikazuki. Because of his talent, Kazeo is recruited into the AIT, a team that protects the Earth from Idea-Monsters (Idoms). Idoms are monsters that were created by people's thoughts. This show combines elements of giant robots, kaiju, and sentai. The figure I'm about to review is based on a kaiju called, "Fuurin-Idom," which translates to "Wind Chime Idom."

The Figure:  Fuurin - Idom debuted in Episode 3, "Fly Mikazuki, from Zero to Gai!" This monster evolved from a glass wind-bell, which explains Fuurin's unique body shape. He also had the ability to float/fly in the air, as his set of legs constantly flailed like a spider, which is a really cool effect.

Likewise, the figure tries to capture most of those features along with a good looking paint scheme. This monster has the lower shape of a wind-bell combined with legs of an arachnid, limbs from some kind of an insect,some kind of stinger in the front, and a head shaped like a human. In addition, the body multiple layers of plates, flab, wrinkles, and veins. Despite the good looking sculpt seen on this figure, I could tell by photo comparison, that there are also some design imperfections. First, the lower bell shape should've been wider and rounder. This figure's waist seems just too slim and narrow.

Second, the legs seems too short and should be a little longer in length. However, my theory is the legs had to be redesigned to support Furrin's weight, which is a little heavy. After all, this figure will be standing at all times and not floating in the air. Finally, his chest is too smooth where there should be more lateral textures.

The worst part besides an imperfect design, is this figure arrived a little sticky as if it stayed out in the sun too long. Whether Takara picked terrible material that could not withstand weather changes, or the previous owner didn't take great care of his/her collector's piece has not been confirmed. My impression cannot deny that Fuurin - Idom is by far, the most bizarre figure purchased  so far. Yet, those strange features were perfect reasons to buy this toy. However, Takara could've done better to at least fix the figure's size proportions.

Figure Specs:


Final Thoughts:  The small information received from Google concluded that this monster has been released as a figure only once, which means there aren't other options available. Although, the toy could've been designed better, Fuurin - Idom isn't that bad, after analyzing other aspects beyond some incorrect body proportions. He's strange, menacing, and much more.

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