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S.H. MonsterArts Little Godzilla Figure Review

Little Godzilla was already on my must have list the moment his planned release was publicly announced. My reason is because I haven't seen a proper figure representation of this little guy since Bandai's standard release and High Grade's mini version. Both figures, in my opinion, were great overall but they lacked in a few areas like size ratio, paint job (especially skin color), and other small details. S.H. MonsterArts have a reputation for creating six-inch scale figures with superb details, and the commercial photos of Little Godzilla did show this figure to have a lot of potential.

The Figure:  Currently, Little Godzilla is one of the smallest figures that S.H. MonsterArts have created, next to Rodan. This part alone made some collectors react negatively. I personally think that Little Godzilla's height makes him cuter, than he already is.

There is a reason why he's so tiny, which I'll explain later. I'm thrilled that Tamashii Nations took this challenge to the next level because the sculpt is incredible. I especially like the bumpy texture on the side of Little Godzilla's back fins.

The accurate paint job also adds a nice touch to the figure. For example, Little Godzilla's body is molded out of dark green PVC, but the skin texture has been dry brushed with a lighter shade of green to make the scales look less bland. The claws, toes, teeth, and fins are colored more beige than white to create a wonderful blend with the green color. All of these things combined have fulfilled my expectations.

Accessories:  Little Godzilla comes with a set of large and small crystals that SpaceGodzilla created in the ground.

You have the option of using the crystal set as either a background, or imprison Little Godzilla like in the movie, Godzilla VS SpaceGodzilla. Don't you think that it's funny how the only accessory with this figure happens to be based off of Little Godzilla's most uncomfortable moment in the movie?

To Tamashii Nation's credit, these crystals are a lot more secure and stable when pegged into the base stand. However, I just don't know what to make of the accessory. I mean the crystals are nicely done and is a great addition to the figure, but I also feel satisfied with the figure alone without the need of this accessory. Oh well....this set could've been worse, and I'm fine with what I have.

Figure Specs:


Little Godzilla has a decent range of motion, but there are two drawbacks that should be mentioned, especially for those who are really meticulous. The head and tail are stationary. However, as I recall the movie, Little Godzilla's tail didn't really wag that much and his head didn't really turn at all either. This figure could have more articulation, but I didn't expect much either. Despite those two counts, all of the other limbs do have a great range of motion overall. So much that Little Godzilla can sit on his posterior with ease.

Size Comparison:  One of the main issues some collectors have is the size of Little Godzilla, which I think is a little unfair. To all collectors, a figure based on anything must not only be well detailed, but in proper scale to other characters from the same movie, comic book, or TV show. Well, that's exactly what Little Godzilla does. This figure is designed to be in scale with other six inch figures that were made from S.H. MonsterArts. In this case, Little Godzilla does stand nearly perfect in scale with Godzilla. According to movie stills I've seen and this screen cap below, Little Godzilla is about half the size of his father.

Likewise, S.H. MonsterArts Little Godzilla's height is about half of Godzilla's. Therefore, I can't complain about Little Godzilla for being so movie accurate.

Final Thoughts:  I think Little Godzilla would make a great addition to anyone's collection. The details are great and so is the paint job. The accessories, although good to have, should be considered as just a free bonus more than anything. As far as price is concerned, does the entire set justify the price? I don't know. I could complain about the price just like the rest, but after spending $60+ each on Godzilla and SpaceGodzilla, this figure seemed more like a bargain to me. In addition, Little Godzilla stands in proper scale with any Heisei Godzilla figure you have that stands six inches. Would you say no to that cute monster? I mean come on.....he is more aesthetically pleasing compared to Minya.

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