Friday, July 15, 2016

Bandai Movie Monster Series Godzilla 2016 Review

The movie debut of “Shin Gojira” is mere weeks away in Japan. Fortunately, Bandai has issued this figure in advance for people to enjoy. This new Godzilla figure is from the Movie Monster Series and all toys from this line are made to fit in the 6 inch scale.

Important Announcement

Before moving on to the review, be advised that the figure used in this post had an accident during shipment and does not represent what condition all buyers should expect when their Godzilla figure arrives. Due to inadequate packaging and/or other possible reasons, the small pupil on Godzilla’s right eye was somehow rubbed off completely. However, his other eye still remained intact. An undamaged toy should have both pupils unharmed. Do take caution as the paint job on Godzilla’s eyes seems very delicate.

Shin Gojira

For a simple vinyl figure, this piece captures some great detailing of the newest Godzilla model. The skin texture shows a lot of wrinkles and scarred up surfaces. The head even has the bumpy pattern scattered everywhere. The tail is another cool aspect of this figure, as it is designed to rise up in the air and display exposed bones and other skeletal components that are located in the top portion and tip of the tail.

Godzilla is casted out of dark grey vinyl. There isn’t a lot of paint on this toy, but they certainly enhance certain parts of the design that really needs them. The toes have been airbrushed a shade of beige, red paint is located in the chest, neck, fins, and tail region to capture the fiery glow inside Godzilla, the teeth are light tan, and the eyes, if unharmed, are supposed to be white with tiny dark grey pupils.

The tag shows the Movie Monster Series logo on one side and Shin Gojira’s movie poster image on the other.


Shin Gojira's Size

Size Comparison


With all factors considered, this is a great rendering of Shin Gojira, especially when all painted features are present. There are enough details and paint applications that will help people immediately recognize what they’re seeing. The amount of articulation is also what anyone would expect from a simple, traditional design style as Godzilla vinyl toys of the past. This is another great piece to have by anyone.

Extra Photos

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  1. A decent figure from Bandai at a decent price. Quality's what you expect from them.

    Now you need to get the King Monster Series Shin Godzilla and then do a comparison review, lol.

    1. I did order that one too and plan to do a comparison pic. I hope you look forward to it!


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