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Meisho Movie Realization Samurai Taisho Darth Vader -Shisei Gusoku- Review

With the initial success of Tamashii Nation’s first wave of figures from the Meisho Movie Realization line, another wave of Star Wars figures were released. Here, Darth Vader was released once again, but with different armor, called Death Star armor.

What is Meisho Movie Realization?

Meisho Movie Realization is a new figure line of Tamashii Nations. The general concept is to take characters of a popular franchise, in this case Star Wars, and redesign them with feudal-style Japanese armor and weaponry. The concept has shown positive results, as more characters will be released in the future.

Darth Vader

Although Darth Vader already debuted in the first wave, this second variant shows great quality. Unlike the first version, this one does not have diecast. Rather, ABS and PVC. This news certainly isn’t bad at all, as all joints are snug and sturdy enough to hold a pose.

Darth Vader’s Death Star armor, cape, and helmet are very well done, especially in detail. The cape and some pieces of armor and are made out flexible plastic to work with Darth Vader’s range of articulation. There are some differences to distinguish this version and the original, besides the Death Star crest that is showed on Darth Vader’s helmet and leg armor. The variant has new chest armor that resembles rib bones of a skeleton, redesigned face guard, and silver (right) forearm guard that looks quite mechanical like a robot.


Darth Vader comes with:

-A Removable gold Death Star Crest.
-Three extra set of hands.
-A Japanese sword.
-A lightsaber style Katana (activated).
-A lightsaber style Kanata (not activated).

Be a little careful when handling the gold Death Star crest on Darth Vader's forehead. The crest sits on a square peg but it is a little slim. One nasty fall could break that piece off for good.

Darth Vader's Height

Darth Vader's Articulation


The quality of Darth Vader and his accessories are superb. All of his weapons and various hand pieces are easy to use and excel in representing all of Darth Vader’s possible body expression. Posing him is fairly easy and the joints are snug enough to support Darth Vader’s weight. This figure is a great addition to anyone’s collection.

Extra Photos

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  1. I like this Vader better than the first one, lol. The Lightsaber Katana looks pretty kickass too. The cape doesn't look like it's made from fabric though, so I'm guessing soft rubber or plastic?

    1. You are right Joesiph. The cape is soft, flexible plastic. I will add that part in the review.

    2. Capes on figures is a pretty controversial topic with me, lol. On one hand, I much rather they be fabric, for aesthetic and utility purposes, but on the other, I understand why manufacturers use plastic or soft rubber for them, to help with better posing and whatnot.

      Just so long as they're not the terrible sand paper type of capes, like with the Berserk Figma Guts Black Swordsman figure. Now that's one cape that is just downright terrible, to everyone's agreement.

    3. I respect that. I don’t have a lot figures that wear capes, but I can understand why this aspect is very important to fans as it is a big part of a character. I just checked out photos of the Berserk Figma Guts Black Swordsman figure and have never seen a cape made out of that material before. I hope it doesn’t deteriorate over time.


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