Saturday, October 22, 2011

Introductions and Graves

Hello all, AsianHK finally making her debut on The Rave Corner!

First time blogging with the crew and felt a bit obligated to give you a little heads up about myself and what you'll be seeing in the upcoming posts from me. Most of my interests are in video games, computer games, sci-fi (especially movies), and music. I especially try to keep on top of upcoming video games that are being released and also new updates with the popular online game League of Legends. I do share a love for Korean artists with my partners here, and I hope you do too. ^_^

So first topic??? The new champion released to Summoner's Rift, Graves the Outlaw.

Seasoned players already know that Graves's back story involves one of the older champions, Twisted Fate. Twisted Fate and Graves were unstoppable as a team but after some unfortunate circumstances and some under the table deals, Twisted Fate made the ultimate betrayal and back stabbed his partner in crime. After years of imprisonment, Graves was able to escape and join the League with the intent of getting revenge on his partner once and for all.

So Graves is a ranged DPS (damage per second) carry character with a moderate-high attack, medium health, low spell, and medium difficulty to play. His passive is "True Grit," which gives him a constant increase of armor and magic resistance the longer he stays in combat with minions or champions. His Q ability is "Buckshot," which fires three bullets in a cone once and hits all enemies caught in the line of fire. His W is "Smokescreen". When released, the smoke screen is lobbed and cover's a small circular area and does damage on impact. All enemies that go through the area are slowed and have limited visibility until they exit the area. The smokescreen lasts for about a few seconds. His E is "Quickdraw" which makes Graves dash in any direction and gain additional attack speed for a few seconds. The cool down for this attack reduces every time Graves lands a basic attack. This ability is great for getting that additional speed and evasive-ness for that last hit kill. And finally, Grave's ultimate is "Collateral Damage." The name alone makes him sound like a bawse. The ability is an aimed shot and on impact it explodes into a cone and damages all enemies in that small cone. So in other words, even if a minion takes the hit of the impact, if your champion is still in the range of the cone explosion the champion will still take damage.

Buck Shots go *boom*

I have seen players absolutely, for lack of a better word, kill anything and everything DED with this champion. (and yes, that's the proper way to spell dead) Everyone usually says with new champion patches that, "Oh, this champion is SO OP (over powered)!!! He needs to be nerfed now! blah blah blah." In my opinion, he's one of the more balanced and easy to play champions that we've had in a while and I wouldn't be surprised if he DOES get nerfed in another patch. His health isn't as squishy as some ranged carries like Ashe or Caitlyn. His damage is pretty high on the get go and it doesn't take much items to increase his attack to a point where after that people just work on his attack speed to get as many strong shots as possible. His double hit ultimate has a nice damage ratio and is just so pretty to watch everything just get slain in a big 'splosion of win.

Watching other friends play this character, I've seen similar items during gameplay. Bloodthirster and Phantom Dancer are always a must to get that extra lifesteal and damage and for the nice attack speed and movement speed plus. I've also seen people go with frozen mallet to get that extra slow for easy kills. These items are the most common ones I've seen in game play and even with this incomplete build, Graves does a ton of damage and plays a good harassment game.

So for the DPS carries, I'd give him a solid 8/10 for this new character. Easy to play, easy to harass, easy to troll for days. If you have your own opinions on this character please share them!!! It's always a new learning experience for us LoL players. Thanks for sticking around for my first post! Until next time: Jaa ne, and keep gaming my friends.


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