Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bandai: Standard 8" Godzilla Figure 1992 Review

#8 in my top 10 countdown (for 2011) is the first figure produced of this sculpt: Bandai's standard 8" Godzilla figure made in 1992.

Godzilla 8" 1992 Figure
Just like Battra, Godzilla '92 was made in conjunction with "Godzilla vs Mothra: The Battle For Earth."

In the movie, Godzilla awakens because a meteorite fell into the bottom of the ocean where he rested. This disturbance caused Godzilla to rampage through Japan again because he's cranky!

His powers/abilities (displayed in the Heisei era only) includes emitting atomic pulses from his body, tail whips, high resistance to injury, regenerative ability, and of course his powerful atomic breath.

Godzilla '92 stands 8" tall. The color is dark charcoal grey with silver highlights on the toes, fingertips, chest, and dorsal fins/plates.

The details on this figure is nice as usual. In fact this mold has been re-used around 6 times for 8" or 6" toys because Bandai prefers this look. However, the original (this guy) is the most preferred figure out of the bunch by toy collectors. The rough you want to call it looks nice. Of course the best feature is the head. The toy captures the moment a meteor woke him up and Godzilla is thinking, "What the ****!" Of course the silver spines are just gorgeous! I always like the highlights on these toys especially silver.

For articulation: the arms, legs, and head can rotate slightly because the toy is made from hard vinyl. The bad thing about old vintage toys is the lack of articulation due to the hard material, but I don't mind this drawback at all. I like hard vinyl toys because of the material makes the color look glossy, highlights complements the shiny look, and the material is sturdy.

For size comparison, Godzilla '92 is about a tad shorter than Kiryu. Do I still think this version of Godzilla can still beat Kiryu? Well that's anyone's guess.

Godzilla '92 and Kiryu face off
If there was a battle, I'll still cheer for Godzilla....but if he fails he can always beat up Ebirah, Kamacirus, or Gabara to make him feel better. I don't have any of those monsters, so I guess Godzilla can pick on Baragon. (Glaces back) Leave Baragon alone Godzilla!

Baragon: "Help me Aaron!"

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