Saturday, October 22, 2011

James Storm: NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion

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In a surprising twist of FATE, on October 21st, 2011, The Tennessee Cowboy; James Storm, won the TNA Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship in surprising fashion, by getting in on a technicality, and defeating Kurt Angle in a matter of what seemed like a 5-7 minute match. BLAH!

After arguing with the REF, he got Superkicked from Storm, and got pinned...1....2....3!!!!

OPINION: Although I do congratulate him for winning the world title, I am quite dissapointed in the overall match, how it ran, and how it ended. Yes, he was one of the TNA ORIGINALS that's been with the company since it's beginning, but yet, it should have been a better "storyline", so this is why I feel that TNA Impact Wrestling, although okay, still needs a lot of work with their creative staffing and storylines and such.

Bobby Roode, who has also been in the company just about since it's inception, worked his butt off by winning the Bound For Glory series, which was a series of matches that have point values attached to them. He had to fight his way through about 8 matches during the course of 2 months, and ALSO win a semi-final and FINALS match, just at a chance to fight Kurt Angle at Bound for Glory, a match, which he was SCREWED.

Now, you would think that he would get an automatic "re-match", but due to technicalities beyond his control, Roode was screwed out of that chance. So, he had to give his chance up, and Sting (the on-screen person in charge), gave the next available title shot, to Roode's BEER MONEY PARTNER, James Storm, who in his 1st WORLD TITLE chance, WON THE TITLE.

You never know...we possibly might see a HEEL turn by either one of the partners. Basically, my opinion, Bobby Roode , to me, should have been awarded a title re-match and actually be the CHAMPION. He worked longer, harder, and put in more blood, sweat, and tears to get where he is at. James Storm, to me, although an original...just didn't EARN his title YET.

That is all.

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