Monday, August 3, 2015

Let's Buiild a Model: Kabaya Motormaster

Motormaster came out along with Silverbolt and Onslaught as the seventh wave of assorted candy kit toys from Kabaya. Here are the steps taken to assemble this toy, along with some quick tips for anyone who wants to build one in the future.

Step 1:  Assemble Motormaster’s lower legs individually.

During this process, the stickers for the truck’s body, wheels, cab, and front half of the trailer must be stuck on as well. Putting the stickers on before assembly is recommended.

Steps 2 – 5:  Build Motormaster’s chest, then add on his head and arms.

Motormaster’s torso also requires some stickers to be applied. Just like the first step, stick the stickers on before piecing everything together. Motormaster’s face sticker is very small, so be extra careful when putting that piece on. Once the chest and waist is fully assembled, peg Motormaster’s arms and head on.

Step 6:  Equip Motormaster with his backpack.

One of the finishing touches is Motormaster’s backpack. The backpack conceals Menasor’s head and stores his chest pieces. The sticker for Menasor’s face is also a tad tricky to apply, so be careful and make sure the graphic sticks on very well.

Step 7:  Attach Motormaster's legs on and give him his weapons.

Put Motormaster's completed legs on the torso. When Motormaster is assembled, equip him with his weapons and you’re finished!

Although the entire process was condensed into roughly four paragraphs, the actual project took a couple of hours to finish, due to the extra time taken to clean the plastic pieces from excess sprues and applying the stickers. The instructions are pretty straightforward and everything snaps together with no adhesive needed. Overall, Motormaster is fun to build, despite a few tedious steps in the process.

Motormaster’s review is currently in the works. Come back next time and see how this toy fares on its own!

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