Saturday, August 15, 2015

Transformers Combiner Constructicon Hook Review

Combiner Wars Titan Class Devastator has arrived! Once again, the individual Constructicons must be highlighted prior to combining all six bots into the almighty Devastator. First up is Hook!

Vehicle Mode

Hook’s vehicle mode is a crane. The crane itself can go up and down, but the arm cannot be extended.  The vehicle is a clever design that does a modern take of the source material. Hook’s color combination refers to the old times, as the body is predominantly fluorescent green with some purple and other appropriate painted details. The undercarriage (feet) seems like they could hinder Hook’s ability to roll on his wheels, but fortunately there is enough clearance underneath.

Robot Mode

The construction vehicle body work and various types of details make this toy simply awesome. Hook has panel lines, grill, and other kinds of features. Hooks’ limbs and torso looks properly proportioned, and his frame is very blocky to give collectors a throwback feel to the past.

However, this robot does have lots of gaps in his arms and legs, which is an issue that must be accepted. Hooks crane kibble, though initially a bit distracting, also acts like a support stand for himself, which is very convenient, as the toy would likely fall backwards constantly due to the extra weight.

Hook’s combination of molded plastic parts of different colors and added paint applications are very effective. The silver, gold, and red paint are evenly coated. The most favorite application is Hooks face and visor.

As an added bonus, Hook is able to hold a few of the accessories, specifically the two missile pods and double-barreled blaster. The missile pods are too heavy for Hook to hold up higher, and doing so will cause him to fall forward.

Devastator's Head

Hook transforms into Devastator’s head and shoulders. So far, the design looks great and all of the tabs interlock securely. Devastator’s head is able to rotate 360 degrees.


Hook's Height

Size Comparison


Hook is a great toy! The figure isn’t perfect, as the vehicle mode could’ve done more with the crane, or refine a few features about the robot mode. However, the toy does resemble Hook’s likeliness just fine. The transformation is easy to learn and all of the tab and pegging mechanisms were well put together.

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