Saturday, August 8, 2015

Kabaya Motormaster Review

Kabaya’s candy toy variant of Motormaster was released alongside Silverbolt and Onslaught. Now that this model is fully assembled and decorated with stickers, how does this toy fare by itself?

Truck Mode

Motormaster’s truck mode mostly resembles the noticeable features seen on the classic G1 toy, such as the black Kenworth K100 style truck and dark silver trailer with purple horizontal striping. The truck is able to store Motormaster’s weapons, as well as Menasor’s head and chest piece. However, the wheels are stationary, due to being a plastic model kit, and there is no point of articulation where the trailer attaches to the truck.

Base Mode

Besides the common transformation between vehicle and robot mode, Motormaster can also transform into a base mode. The presentation is pretty cool, but there is one gripe about this mode, particularly Menasor’s chest piece, which can’t peg in all the way. If the chest piece did, anyone would have a difficult time getting the part to pop off. Therefore, refrain from forcing the top piece from pegging in all the way.

Robot Mode

Motormaster’s design and color combinations are predominantly G1-esque. The colors and sculpting are obvious, but the head sculpt plays more to the cartoon. The sword and gun are removable, which adds more to the classic feel to this toy.

Due to the purpose of this figure, which is an affordable plastic build-up model toy of the original, but in a smaller scale, Motormaster does have his own limits that are expected. Some limbs are hollow and they need to be parts-formed to change from a truck to a base mode and robot mode, then vice-versa.

Menasor's Torso

Motormaster is also able to turn into Menasor's torso, due to some transformation and partsformation steps. The overall result is wonderful.


Motormaster's Height

Size Comparison


Motormaster is alright for a cheap candy box toy. The toy’s looks successfully reminisce of the classical design and the toy does kind of function like the original one as well, provided some obvious limitations. There are some parts-forming steps taken to change Motormaster into four different modes, but these sacrifices are understood. Do not expect this toy to come with very high standards whatsoever.

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