Saturday, August 29, 2015

Transformers Combiner Constructicon Long Haul Review

The second member of the Constructicons to be reviewed is Long Haul and man is this guy a behemoth! Though this guy is very bulky, there are some perks that make him awesome.

Vehicle Mode

Long Haul’s vehicle mode is a dump truck, and is by far the largest construction vehicle out of the bunch. The truck has nicely molded panel lines, windows, grill, and much more. There aren’t much painted details on this vehicle, but they were appropriately placed. The truck contains silver painted headlights and fuel tanks, purple Decepticon insignia above the grill, and metallic purple windows. The other components were molded in different colored plastic.

The best perk of this truck is Long Haul’s ability to store all of Devastator’s accessories in the back (hopper). Each accessory either pegs into portholes or snaps into slots, which is very convenient.

Robot Mode

Long Haul’s figure is just as bulky in his robot mode as he was in vehicle mode, which is perfectly fine considering the character has always been the largest out of the bunch in robot mode also. The huge grill and headlights comprises Long Haul’s torso, while the other half of the dump truck becomes short, stumpy legs. His head has been remodeled to feature a whole new helmet and visor that makes a slight resemblance to the original G1 toy, while going for a new direction.

Long Haul’s limited paint job really does shine in this mode also. His head, thighs, headlights, and waist were painted matte silver, while the visor was colored pastel red. The green and purple pieces were molded, and they bond with the painted details quite well.

Long Haul can carry only two of Devastator’s accessories, specifically two missile pods and the double-barreled blaster. Both weapons are a pretty good match.

Devastator’s Torso and Thighs

Long Haul becomes the torso and upper thigh region of Devastator. The execution of the design and tabbing mechanisms seems very well put together so far.


Long Haul is one out of a few Constructicons that doesn’t have bending elbows.  However, there are some redeeming qualities. The robot has some very stiff waist and hip joints, which were tightened to cope with Devastator’s weight and movement. Long Haul also has a ball jointed head and ankle tilts for stability.

Long Haul's Height

Size Comparison


Compared to Hook, Long Haul is okay. He does have some great aspects to offer, such as the incredibly sturdy joints, a few extra articulated features like ankle tilts and waist swivels, and ability to hold Devastator’s accessories in both vehicle and robot mode. However, Long Haul’s body shape does limit his movement, and there are no elbow bends, which will be adjusted in the Takara version. Make no mistake though, that this figure isn’t a complete flop whatsoever.

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