Saturday, August 22, 2015

X-Plus Large Monsters Series Dinosaur Tank Shounen Ric Exclusive Review

X-Plus' latest entry for the Ultraseven genre is the Large Monsters Series (25 cm) version of Dinosaur Tank, a biological weapon that combines military and space technology. After unboxing this figure, there's no question that this interpretation of Dinosaur Tank must be the best of the bunch!

Large Monsters Series Dinosaur Tank

X-Plus nailed all of the critical features of Dinosaur Tank and then some. The tank treads are made out of thin, flexible plastic. They were molded separately to give a similar feel of individual tank treads. However, the tank does not roll at all. They are actually glued to the top set of plastic wheels.

The tank itself is also a sight to behold.  A colony of blocky patterns spanning across the tanks armor and dinosaur’s thighs are very refined and not dull. A set of three cannons molded in front of the tank are also spot on and true to the character.

The details on the dinosaur’s head, arms, torso, and tail are also tremendous. The wrinkles and saggy skin is very on point. The dinosaur’s nicely crafted head comes with teeth that are individually sculpted. There is a row of triangle shaped plates that run along the spine and tail region. Underneath the tail is a plethora of veins all over. The figure also features rows of rectangular patterned plates that occupy the back. However, the tail seam is the only imperfection that may slightly peeve some collectors.

The choice of colors for Dinosaur Tank is very well received. X-Plus did more than have the entire figure be one shade of brown. Instead, they used two different shades of brown to complement the crafted details. Dinosaur Tank's teeth are painted white and light tan, while his eyes have red irises over a beige sclera, which is quite accurate.

Dinosaur Tank's Size


Kudos to X-Plus for including Dinosaur Tank into the Toho Large Monsters Series. This figure offers the kind of quality one would expect from X-Plus. The crafted dinosaur looks just like it did in the show and the choice of colors were very effective. This figure is one of, if not the best mass produced figure of Dinosaur Tank on the collectors market!

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