Sunday, July 26, 2015

Y-MSF Ebirah (1966) Figure Review

The newest release from Y-MSF and Tempting Toys & Collectibles is the exclusive Ebirah (1966) figure. This figure was in the making for at least a year and has already sold out recently. Despite constant delays, how did the final product come out?

Ebirah (1966)

Ebirah features some very nice details. The best of them is contained in Ebirah’s head. The head is covered in nicely sculpted thorns of various shapes and sizes. Even the eyes and claws were carved with perfection. The tail has a bumpy texture that is grouped with multiple carvings of swimming appendages. Adding more resemblance to the kaiju’s traits is the set of eight individual legs, two antennas, and antennules.

Ebirah’s colors were appropriately selected for a simple design. The entire figure is molded from orange vinyl. Some parts of the body were airbrushed with beige paint to bring out the crafted details. The eyes were painted red.

A few nitpicks to make is the legs are short and a bit wide. These alterations were probably made to support the entire figure’s weight. Also, the antennas and antennules are too thick, when they should’ve been thinner. Finally, there’s a pretty nasty seam underneath the figure, where the legs meet the body.


Ebirah's Size

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There’s no question that Y-MSF has successfully managed to fill in a void of Ebirah figures near the 6-inch scale. The figure has some great detailing on the body, claws, tail, and eyes. The color choices are also very appropriate. However, a few proportions, like the legs and antennas, are very off. Not to mention the unappealing seam underneath that is hard to ignore. Unless another six inch version of Ebirah manages to top this one, Y-MSF’s version is as good as it gets.

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