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Transformers Combiner Wars Menasor Review

The reason to buy all Stunticons and Blackjack is for their ultimate combined mode, called Menasor! The protoype of Menasor has been featured in many events for the past year, and has generated both positive and negative buzz. Will Menasor live up to the hype, or fall flat on the ground?

Menasor's Official Combined Mode

Menasor lives up to some reasonable expectations. One of the best perks of Menasor is this beast stands taller than Leader Class toys. Hasbro's intentions to make this product very bulky and menacing, for the sake of conveying an intimidating presence has also worked.

Although Menasor's head certainly deviates from previous features that most fans remember and prefer, the new look turned out to not be a deal breaker at all. Menasor has snaring red eyes and other facial expressions that resemble anger or the intention to destroy everything.

Without a doubt, there's a lot of fun to be had with this toy. However, this combined mode isn't spared from some issues. The robot is quite wobbly and might struggle to stand on some surfaces that aren't hard and perfectly leveled. Some adjustments, like bending the heel piece down for more grip and stability, are certainly needed. This toy in particular tends to lean a tad on the right because a slight misalignment of those ratchet hip joints failed to keep the legs perfectly parallel.

The most annoying part about Menasor is plugging Legends Class Blackjack in his chest. The car does not snugly peg in at all, and is only staying on due to gravity and slight friction. There isn't enough resistance that could keep the car attached when Menasor leans forward past a certain angle. While photographing Menasor, Blackjack has fallen from the chest cavity multiple times.

There are some solutions to this problem, according to other fellow collectors. One solution is to shave down the width of those pegs inside Menasor's chest, so that Blackjack could slide in further with more grip. Some collectors have even resulted to using clear nail polish or other substances on the chest pegs that could ensure a snugger fit.

Menasor's Weapon

Menasor's weapon is the gigantic sword that came with Voyager Class Motormaster. In the palm of Menasor's hands, lie a peg hole that securely holds certain weapons.

What to Do With Stunticons' Weapons?

If anyone wishes to keep all of the Stunticons' weapons stored on Menasor somehow, there are a limited spots to plug the weapons in. There are two peg holes on Menasor's left leg and two more on the shoulders. The look isn't pretty, but at least this option is one of many ways how not to lose the weapons.

Some Quick Adjustments Are Probably Needed.

In terms of looks, if anyone isn't satisfied with Menasor's official combined mode, there are ways to change some things around according to his or her preference by mistransforming some parts.

These are a few suggestions that were made by collectors and have received fairly positive feedback. First, is to unlock Menasor's hip formation to straighten the legs out and provide better stability. The look does improve the presentation, but be sure to prevent the legs from colliding or else risk some paint rubs on the wheels.

In the process, many have chosen to keep Blackjack out of the chest cavity and close the compartment doors instead. The door's colors and shape are sort of similar to the G1 design.

Another variation of the first option is to straighten Menasor's legs exactly the same as Motormaster's robot mode. This method works, but be aware that the expense comes with a hinged thigh on both legs.

Another suggestion is to rotate Menasor's legs around to achieve some sort of G1 resemblance. Aesthetically, they work, but the legs are liable to bend forward at the knee joint.

Other collectors have even transformed Dead End into a leg, while Offroad changed into an arm. The best part about this switch is the bulky arm and leg assembly looks a lot more balanced. However, Dead End is a tad short as a limb, resulting in Menasor leaning on his left leg.

There are so many fan transformations online, seeing them to get an idea to what this combined mode is capable of is recommended. Many variations have been very clever.


Menasor's Height


Based on the official transformation with no physical customization involved, Menasor is a little underwhelming. He is above par, but far from being perfect. The toy's bulky frame, menacing face, weapon accessory, limb swapping options, and articulated features does this toy a fantastic service.

However, these positive aspects can be easily shadowed by the toy's faults. The toy is cool when working properly and staying together, but a major pain in those other moments. The Stunticons are great by themselves and worth getting, but if having Menasor displayed somewhere is thoughtfully considered, do have him slightly lean against something from behind just in case.

On the other hand, fellow collectors have demonstrated that most problems can be fixed, if anyone is willing to go an extra mile to shave, glue, or coat some parts. Another great and less cumbersome option is to look at other fan transformations, select which styles you like, then transform and attach the Stunticons in that same way. These helpful tips have certainly raised other people's enjoyment even higher. If you want a combiner mode that is fun to tinker or customize with, Menasor is fine, but do not expect high qualities similar to successful third party (not) Menasor combiner toys.

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