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Transformers Combiner Wars Deluxe Class Offroad Review

The last, and certainly not least, Stunticon to be reviewed is one other than Offroad! In the IDW Generation 1 comic, Offroad was recruited to join the Stunticons after Wildrider left the group. Here, in the Combiner Wars series, Offroad has filled in Wildrider's position for now, until Wildrider gets released in a future wave. Does the new guy match with his other comrades?

Vehicle Mode

Among the other Deluxe sized Stunticons, Offroad is the only one, who disguised himself as a 4x4 pickup truck. Not only does the truck look nice and neat, in terms of design and details, but the transformation process is the most simplest to follow.

The actual colors are drastically different than what was pictured on the packaging. However, this variation works also. This slick looking vehicle has a grey body with red windshields, red patterns on the side doors, silver headlights, rims, and grill, and dark silver hood vents.

Offroad was designed with four peg holes in the tail, which could mount his weapons anywhere one chooses. The axe could be propped standing up or latch on one side.

Robot Mode

Although Offroad may be the slimmest member of the group, his robot mode is anything but disappointing. This mode incorporates some clever robot and vehicle aesthetics together, such as car springs and struts that comprise Offroad's knees and rib cage. There are also some vents in his abdominal region.

Offroad's facial expression is like none other. His face shows a devious looking grin as if he finds conflicts and battles very exciting. According to Offroad's description, Offroad was always eager to stalk and attack an opponent with his Energon hatchet (axe). This go hard attitude made other members of the Stunticons uneasy and sometimes questioned if Offroad can be trusted. This simple back story provided on the packaging and that look on Offroad's face goes hand in hand.

There are some slight issues with Offroad's design. His shoulder kibble hinders some poseable options, and the forearm kibble can be a tad distracting at some angles. Otherwise, there is enough room to pull off some great poses.

Offroad is equipped with his very own battle axe, called the "Energon hatchet." The axe handle is bent in two different spots, and the back end's design seems to have incorporated some engine pistons.

A foot/arm piece is also included with Offroad, which he could use as a weapon or a shield. Because Offroad's primary weapon is an axe, the shield makes a better match. This accessory is distinguished by a teal joint rigged inside the opposable thumb.

Leg Transformation

Offroad officially transforms into Menasor's left leg. The transformation process is very short and easy. The trucks front end bends at two different points, which covers Menasor's knees similar to a knee guard.

Arm Transformation

Offroad can also transform into Menasor's left or right arm, depending on anyone's preference.


Offroad's Height

Size Comparison

Stunticons in Vehicle Mode


Offroad is a top contender to being the best Stunticon figure among the rest. Despite the backpack and shoulder kibble hindering a few articulated capabilities, Offroad can still execute some dynamic poses. His look shows lots of character and those weapons are wonderful additions to this set.

There is just one more Decepticon figure to review, and then the massive Menasor will be covered the following week. Feel free to leave a comment below or click the "Figure Reviews" tab on top of this page to see previous reviews that were published before. Until then, have an awesome day!

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