Saturday, April 18, 2015

Transformers Combiner Wars Legends Class Blackjack Review

The packaging of all the Stunticons seems rather contradictory. All of them state that only five Stunticons are needed to complete Menasor. However, the picture of Menasor provided on the Deluxe packaging shows one additional Decipticon used to complete the look. That robot is Legends Class Blackjack.

Vehicle Mode

Blackjack's car mode is very stunning, for something so small. The predominant black body with black rims show a lot of attitude. The vehicle is also decorated with silver headlights, gold windows, thick purple stripe on both doors, and a Decepticon insignia on the hood.

This car can also store Blackjack's weapon on the back. With that option, the car now looks like it is equipped with a cannon.

Robot Mode

If Blackjack's car mode was good enough, his robot mode is another sight to behold. Compared to G1's version, the entire body has been reworked, but most of the black-to-purple color ratio has remained in tack. Some sources state this entire mold was meant for Battlecharger Runabout, but the project was never completed for an unknown reason.

As is, Blackjack still looks great. His new head sculpt sports a race helmet and visor. Blackjack's legs look a tad bulky at some angles, but the size actually matches his arm, head, and torso proportions. The robots details are quite good. The mesh of robot and car components blend very nicely. There are a few car kibble showing, but they aren't annoying.

The figure is very well put together though, as none of the joints are too loose or snug. The amount of friction is enough to support Blackjack whenever he's posed in wide or narrow stances.

Blackjack comes with his own purple axe-type weapon. The weapon's shape and crafted details definitely establish that this combat tool isn't of this world. The weapon fits in Blackjack's hand just fine. Because of the weapon's light weight and Blackjack's superb joints, the figure is decently balanced, and posing this toy with his weapon is even better.

Blackjack as Menasor's Chest Piece

Hasbro sneaking Blackjack in as an option makes sense, considering this character has merged with the Stunticons to form Menasor in IDW's Generation 1 comic series.

Blackjack, when incorporated in Menasor's combiner mode, doesn't need any transformation at all. Simply keep him in car mode, peg his axe into the roof, and voila! Blackjack then pegs into Menasor's empty chest cavity to complete his look.


Blackjack's Height

Size Comparison


Blackjack, by himself, is a really good toy. The car mode is slick and rolls on all four wheels very fine. Blackjack's robot mode design, color choices, articulation, and weapon choice works very well together. However, whether he belongs in Menasor's combined mode remains to be seen, but for now, this guy is doing fine alone.

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