Saturday, April 18, 2015

Funko Pop! Sharknado Review

Sharknado is an over the top B-rated movie, where the name itself is probably more popular than the story. Although the movie contained cheesy dialogue and hilarious CGI effects, this film certainly became a trend. One day, Funko included this concept into their Pop! vinyl figure line, releasing only one toy.


The concept of Pop! is very simple, take any character from a movie, TV show, or video game, alter the body’s proportions, and then add some large black eyes and other features that many would consider cute. Admittedly, Funko’s standards have certainly worked very well on this figure.

The figure is basically a short (in length), plump great white shark suspended in the air by a small scale tornado. This shark has some basic, but great features. All of the sharp teeth are displayed, but that face with two large dots for eyes, frankly has an indescribable charm.

The tornado effect, as a support base, is a natural match with this shark. The bottom of the base has crafted rippling water patterns that transition into a continuous swirling spout. That pattern continues, as some remnants are attached to the shark’s sides then hovers on the back. The water base is molded out of translucent blue plastic, while the tornado is lighter blue air brushed with a pastel blue shade of paint. The same pastel colors also coated a few spot on the bottom base.


A person does not have to be a fan of the movie to enjoy this toy. Funko cleverly incorporated many elements into the design. The shark is mean and cute, but being suspended by a tornado excelled the appeal far more than expected. If anyone is into Pop! figures that were based on things rather strange and bizzare, Sharknado undoubtedly fits in this category.

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