Monday, December 23, 2013

Bandai Museum Kameba Figure Review

Kameba was featured in the film, Space Amoeba aka Yog the Space Monster. The premise goes, strange amoebas from outer space arrives on earth, specifically on a remote island somewhere. Any animal that the amoebas possess, turns into a large monster, in this case a large turtle. This figure was distributed through Bandai Museum, but X-Plus was contracted to sculpt this piece.

Design & Details

The best part of this toy is the stunning design that is covered with amazing detail. The shell has a jagged, rocky texture, which continues on to Kameba's head all the way to the tail. Underneath the shell is a colony of wrinkles and reptillic scales.

The membrane and toes of Kameba's feet are crafted to perfection. There is a good amount of detail contained in Kameba's mouth also, a lot of work has been invested to sculpt every single tooth, tongue, and palate.

Paint Job

Kameba is predominantly covered in blue-green paint with a nice matte finish. The underside is painted cream, while the individual teeth and toes are colored beige with brown gradients. Kameba's eyes, on the other hand, was painted glossy orange and black to give a unique glassy eyed expression.


Kameba is able to extend his neck out, much similar to the movie. One complaint though is that Kameba is designed to be displayed with his gimmick executed. Keeping Kameba's neck unextended, will result with his head bobbling.


Bandai Museum's version of Kameba just may be one of, if not the most proper representation of such an obscure monster. Add the fact that this figure was created by X-Plus, greatly increases this product's credibility. Anyone looking for a realistic toy of Kameba, would be easily satisfied with this one.

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