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CCP: Mothra Vs Godzilla Figure Review

I haven't done a kaiju figure review for a while (don't worry, I didn't quit kaiju figure collecting), so now seems like the right time to go back to my roots and do another one. Tamashii Nations has shocked the collectors' world when they announced that the S.H. MonsterArts line will now include Godzilla 1964 as their first articulated Showa figure produced. With such good news still buzzing around the discussion threads, I feel that doing this review seems appropriate. Today, I will review, CCP's Mothra Vs Godzilla figure (actual name of the figure).

Mothra VS Godzilla

The best part of this figure is it combines a fantastic display through a still pose while maintaining some standards seen in other vintage toys. This figure is made out of hard vinyl, which is something not normally used in mass produced Godzilla toys today.

The concept is a battle scene between Godzilla and Mothra (larva) being implemented on a figure. Mothra bites Godzilla's tail, and the big guy frantically flails his tail around, hoping to shake Mothra off. Notice how Godzilla's feet aren't firmly planted on the ground, one leg stands on one toe, as Godzilla's weight shifts and leans on the other leg. In comparison, Mothra remains dangled in midair as it firmly clamps on Godzilla's tail.

This presentation is just mind blowing, innovative, and spectacular! Moving on to the respective monsters themselves, Godzilla's design looks great from head to toe and the best detail is focused on Godzilla's head. Those thick eyebrows, round eyes, nostrils, and fangs are what makes this figure reminiscent to the Showa Godzilla of that time.

Mothra also has it's own distinct traits like the facial design, those little feelers, and setae spanning along both edges of each section.

There is nothing to complain about the paint job on this figure also. Godzilla comes in his traditional base color of dark charcoal grey with a lighter grey shadowing. The spines are white with some white shadowing. Mothra is colored dark brown with grey shadowing underneath and dark blue eyes.

How Tall Is This Figure?

Are There Any Points Of Articulation?

Final Thoughts

CCP's Mothra Vs Godzilla figure is another precious gem for collectors wanting to find anything that is highly detailed. This figure is undoubtedly a perfect display piece and what's missing is another Mothra larva, battlefield, and tanks to complete a diorama. Hands down, this figure is highly recommended!

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  1. I actually have a glow in the dark variant of this and I can find no information about it at all! do you know where I could learn more about it?


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