Monday, April 1, 2013

Yutaka's Chirico Cuvie is the best figure ever!

Greetings ravers! Today, I'm doing a very special figure review on the best figure in my collection, Yutaka's Chirico Cuvie figure from the Armored Trooper Votoms series!

As you can see, the box art is fantastic. It comes with a viewing window to glance at the figure's sheer awesomeness. There are also some great English labeling on the box that boasts Chirico as a "SUPER REAL & FULL ACTION DOLL." On the back of the box, there is an outline of the different points of articulation implemented on the figure also.

The figure possess a superior design with multiple details, and the best thing about it is the rubber suit. The suit was specially made to stick on to the figure's body and feel sticky on the outside as well. There is a long term benefit of watching the clothing deteriorate over time. Also, this rubber suit upgrade really enhances Chirico's poseability and does not hinder his movements whatsoever!

Here he is in the starting position of the windmill exercise...

This is how he puts his hands on his hip to show how serious he is...

Chirico can pat himself on his shoulder....

Attempt to crouch a little....

Or do my ever so favorite, 'Flair flop' pose!

If you can dream it, Chirico can pose it albeit on his back or face!

This figure also comes with a sweet gimmick of having both arms easily fall apart while performing some basic movements, obviously as an evasive maneuver. Then, you can engage yourself in a fun game of Operation, by putting the arms back together, while carefully peeling the sticky, rubber sleeve down!

Chirico Cuvie comes with some accessories:  a helmet and pouch belt kit. The best part is that each piece must be properly glued on to the rubber suit so that Chirico could permanently remain in battle mode, and his helmet comes in only one color, leaving us to paint it ourselves for more accuracy. This is the best challenge for anyone with great modeling skills, because without it, Chirico will look like he got extremely drunk one night.

Overall, for a toy that was originally $40 in suggested retail price, Yutaka's Chirico Cuvie is worth every penny. The toy is great and the added gimmicks makes the whole set even more awesome! This figure is definitely recommended..........action base stand is not included!

Yutaka's Chirico Cuvie is available at any one of your local department stores. Just ask an employee, they'll know what you're talking about. Oh yeah one more thing....

April Fools!

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