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Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Voyager Shockwave Review

Hasbro continues their Beast Hunters series with Wave 2 featuring Shockwave from Transformers:  Prime - Beast Hunters season. I was looking forward to this release because Shockwave ranks as one of my favorite characters from the Transformers franchise. Time to open the box and see what's inside...well um...the box does have a viewing window so I can pretty much see the contents already...on to the review!

Shockwave's Alternate Mode

Shockwave's alternate mode is a Cybertronian tank. Before moving on to the review, be warned that attaching Shockwave's chest plate to the front of the tank is tricky. You have to insert the tabs carefully in the slot provided by Shockwave's thighs, otherwise you may risk breaking them. His overall tank mode shows some resemblance to deluxe Warpath from Transformers Generations, but this one is mechanically more of a hybrid from that. The back end has tank treads, while the front end mobilizes through wheels. Overall, the tank mode still looks quite dandy and appropriately fitting for Shockwave when he isn't a giant Cybertronian lazer gun.

The tank comes with a gimmick, push the button and the hyperflux cannon separates , which reveals the red lazer tip of the gun as it spins. The problem with this feature is the end of the cannon that spins bobs a little deeming the cannon to be quite dinky and the worst part of an otherwise creative design.

Because the whole theme of Prime's third season is now, "Beast Hunters," Shockwave had to come with these rubber beast-like armor to enhance the predator look by just a little bit. The claws and one, eyed face looks pretty neat, but the primary color of red doesn't quite match with Shockwave's purple armor. The pieces just stands out like an eyesore, but luckily those parts can be easily attached or removed according to the owner's liking. On a funny note, the thought of putting claws on this tank seems a little silly because Shockwave looks as if he would be capable of pouncing on any prey, but tanks aren't built for speed, so what good would those claws do? In the long run, the rubber accessories may eventually get brittle and crack very easily, but only time will tell.

Shockwave's Robot Mode

The biggest benefit to this toy is that is is solidly built, all the joints are nicely snug and Shockwave does not sport a hollow shell.

One cool aspect that speaks how great the engineering is on Shockwave, would be the spring mechanism inside his shoulder plate which properly contours to his arm no matter how it is posed.

Shockwave's features are relatively similar to the G1 version including the purple color, but because he's featured in the Beast Hunters concept, some parts were remodeled with geometric shapes and pointed tips to mimic spikes and other beast like features. These modifications were perfectly implemented, as Shockwave does seem to match well with the other Beast Wars characters. The best details are basically everything from the waist up. The transparant chest piece reveals all kinds of inner workings of the robot, Shockwave's huge eye has light pipping that emits a large, red glow from his creepy stare, and the back shows a spine under the backpack. Unfortunately, Shockwave's movements in the arms and legs are slightly hindered due to his backpack (arms) and ratcheting joints (legs). Shockwave's gimmick for the hyperflux cannon works the same as it did in the Cybertronian tank mode.

As an added bonus, Shockwave's rubber tank tread could be used as a cable that connects his backpack to his hyperflux cannon (optional). The beast-like parts can also attach on Shockwave in robot mode too, serving as added armor. However, Shockwave already looks fine without them.

Shockwave's Specs


Final Thoughts

I really am not that impressed with the gimmick because the idea of pushing buttons just to make something twirl reminds me of McDonalds happy meal toys, which cheapens the value for me. Of course, these toys are also meant for kids at least 5 years old so I can see why Hasbro would focus on the children first and not adults. Besides that, there isn't anything to complain about, and I do not regret buying Shockwave at all. Bottom line, this figure will likely be one of, if not the best toy coming out of this series. Beast Hunters Voyager Shockwave is highly recommended!

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