Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I Give My Thanks To K-Pop

Thanksgiving is just mere moments away. Of course, I must immediately give my special thanks to my parents, sister, other relatives, and friends. However, in the topic of giving thanks to things other than close people I know, I'd like to praise another subject...K-Pop!

Honestly, my taste in music was very different before 2009. Throughout most of my life, I listened to Hip-Hop and RnB. Then, I started to venture into other genres because autotune was becoming popular in the States, and that trend does not suit my tastes. Eventually, I exposed myself to K-Pop long after I watched my first K-Drama. I fully embraced the change, and have not turned back since.

I honestly support girl and guy groups. However, my support for these artists vary on multiple levels. My favorite girl groups contain at least one member that is so pretty...she makes my heart flutter (crush if you will), talent, charisma, and good quality beats. On the other hand, guy groups are seen more like cool bros to me that perform songs that are fresh, and gives me the urge to bob my head and dance.

In contribution to this year's holiday. I'll write three separate journal entries about three different K-Pop concerts I attended this past Summer and Fall entitled, "K-Pop Journey."

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