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K-Pop Journey: SBS K-Pop Super Concert America (11/10/12)

SBS K-Pop Super Concert was held in the Verizon Ampitheatre in Irvine, CA. This wonderful TV recorded event was hosted by Jung Yong-hwa (CN Blue), Tiffany (SNSD), and Kikwang (B2ST). The groups performing that night were 4Minute, SISTAR, Karmin (why?), CNBlue, B2ST, Kara, 2NE1, and SNSD. This time around, I joined my sister and cousin for this great event. We had to show up around 11AM because of the K-Pop fan meets that will take place on the field. I entered my name in two different raffles to meet the groups I'd love to meet: SNSD and SISTAR. As luck and unluck would have it: I got into 4Minute/SISTAR's fan meet, but not SNSD's. I received my results days in advance of the concert. Because Kwon Yuri is my favorite K-Pop idol, I was sulking for days before the concert. When will there ever be another chance to meet SNSD, especially Yuri in a fan meet in America again? My sister and cousin were the lucky ones that won a place in SNSD's fan meet.

However, my day wasn't bad at all. I met and made some cool friends as we stood in line to meet SISTAR. I also met more cool people who were SNSD fans. SISTAR's fan meet was cool in that I was able to see the girls up close, but other than that the event was very short and lacked any sort of real interaction. Bora did look very gorgeous though....WOW!

After the fan meet I waited outside the tents, behind the barricade to see SNSD pass by. Even though I didn't get into the fan meet, I was very thrilled to see the girls passing by. Kwon Yuri was very beautiful WOOHOO! My inner side (imitating Running Man star HaHa) was screaming, "Yuri will you be my last love!"

With all of the various K-Pop fan meets finally over, evening has dawned upon us and the temperatures drastically dropped to 47 degrees Fahrenheit. The concert was held outdoors, so I came prepared and dressed warm. Everyone might've been freezing, but that didn't tone down our energy. After I took my seat, I noticed that everyone was growing very anxious. Then suddenly, the show starts and the crowd has not settled down ever since.

There were so many great moments from that night. If I were to explain everything into detail, this whole thing could fill up 3 pages. But to sum it all up, every K-Pop group brought there 'A' game that night. I enjoyed everyone's (K-Pop artist) performance that stage. Every group sang four songs:
  • 4Minute - Volume Up, Hot Issue, Mirror Mirror, Heart to Heart.
  • SISTAR - Alone, My Boy, Loving U, So Cool.
  • CN Blue - Intuition, I'm A Loner, Hey You, Love.
  • Kara - Mister, Lupin, Pandora, Step.
  • B2ST - Shock, Fiction, Beautiful, Beautiful Night.
  • 2NE1 - Fire, I Am the Best, Can't Nobody, I Love You.
  • SNSD - Run Devil Run, The Boys, Genie, Mr. Taxi.
2NE1 and SNSD were saved for last, which was a very good choice. Those two groups got the most ovation from the crowd, and they've never been that rowdy before. I cannot forget bobbing my 2NE1 light stick and jumping throughout the 2NE1's part. Sandara looked very pretty that night.

I also showed much love to SNSD, especially my favorite singer Yuri. Yuri looked very beautiful on stage. My only regret was not carrying a SNSD light stick, I couldn't find any at the local stores.

I also give much thanks to Yong-hwa, Tiffany, and Kikwang for doing an outstanding job of hosting that night. All three had great chemistry, and it was nice to see Yong-hwa and Kikwang speak English. As expected, Yong-hwa knew more than Kikwang, which isn't a bad thing.

My favorite moments from them were Kikwang saying, "Sooo Goood!," during the opening and Yong-hwa imitating Kikwang's line from Beautiful Night during a short break after B2ST performed on stage. Tiffany also entertained the crowd with sayings like, "Let's free-style it baby!"

Even though the night was quite nippy, the concert made everyone forget about that. This day will be one that I will forever cherish. The concert was awesome, the weather was comfortably cold (I really liked it), Irvine is very beautiful, and I met and made some new friends! Even though the concert was recorded by SBS, I honestly don't know when the event is scheduled to air in South Korea.

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  1. Jelly doesn't begin to describe my feeling! Beautiful!

    1. Nice hearing from you again WimpLo! Which girl singer would you love to see?


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