Thursday, November 22, 2012

K-Pop Journey: 2NE1 'New Evolution' Concert at the Nokia Theatre (8/24/12)

2NE1's concert was held in the Nokia Theatre on the night of 8/24/12. My sister and I arrived at least 30 minutes before the concert started, and to no surprise........the lines were huge!

Every single entrance to the building had to average about 100 people or so. The event was certainly sold out, with reports claiming that a total of 7,100 people in attendance. Because of these numbers, 2NE1 was later awarded a plaque by Nokia representatives for a sell out crowd, and an inclusion to the hall of fame.

Inside the theatre, the crowd could not contain their composure. Anticipation was so high, that they squeaked at the projector as it played all sorts of music videos to keep the crowd occupied.

I also want to note that there were vendors outside selling official 2NE1 goodies, including 2NE1's official light stick, so fans will never show up unprepared.

Finally, the concert started at 8PM and did not stop until 10PM or so. If there's one thing to rave about, is 2NE1 certainly knows how to throw an amazing concert! From beginning to end, 2NE1 always kept the energy up. Little did I know is that myself along with thousands of other people would stand throughout the whole night, even though we had seats to sit on. Those chairs weren't necessary because everyone ended up bobbing their heads and light sticks non stop, without realizing it. To simply put it, we all went crazy! The group performed all of their smash hits from their debut to the recent release, including "Fire," "Go Away," "I Am The Best," and "I Love You."

Some of my most memorable moments was during the opening, when CL screamed, "Are you ready for the B-E-S-T!" to the song, "I Am The Best." I fondly remember getting goosebumps when I heard her scream that saying. Another cool moment was again from CL; she had a DJ solo. She sure was good that night. There were about five pop songs mixed together with a perfect opening being, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun."

Of course, my most favorite part of the concert, was during 2NE1's song, "I Love You." During CL's rapping part, "I love you every day...don't get away...," the whole crowd and their light sticks were jumping and bobbing like some huge rave party! I never felt so amped like this ever. It was then that convinced me perhaps American K-Pop fans could be the most energetic crowd during a K-Pop concert, which is a great feeling. I should also point out that at nearly the end of the concert B.E.P. members Will.I.Am and made a surprise appearance on stage, during 2NE1's encore performance of "I Am The Best."

As far as my least favorite moment....that had to be Sandara's solo performance of the song, "Kiss." Sandara is my favorite member from 2NE1. She's definitely one of my ideal types:  Pretty, charismatic, and adorkable. As soon as she had her special "guy" guest on stage (not me) strapped on a chair, just so she could tease him with a glancing kiss...I honestly could not watch that. My inner fanboy was definitely cringing that time, and I was relieved that nothing happened. However, I still preferred to block that out of my memory lol.

The event ended quickly before anyone knew it, and frankly it felt too short. I'm not complaining, this was just one of those moments when you have so much fun that "time," finally caught up fast and ended the night with you wanting more.

Overall, I give the concert a solid 5 out of 5 stars. So much fun was had that night, and if 2NE1 holds another solo concert within my reach, I will certainly go again!

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