Friday, November 16, 2012

Bandai Showa Rodan Figure Review

Today I'm writing about a classic, retro piece from the early 90's. Figures from that time are especially valuable to me because I always perceive hard vinyl pieces as something of high quality. Hard vinyl toys just somehow give me an impression of high durability compared to the soft vinyl material used today, not that I resent soft vinyl figures whatsoever. Spending most of my childhood during the 90's also explains why I highly favor Bandai's vintage pieces. Showa Rodan is one out of many fine pieces released during that time.

The Figure:  This figure is based on Showa Rodan, specifically the version from the 1968 classic Destroy All Monsters. For the benefit of meticulous collectors, previous reports note that this figure was released in 1989 then re-issued in 1991-1992. By checking the issued date on Rodan's tag, you could figure out what version is in your possession. Unfortunately, no additional resources were found that documented specific differences between the original and reissued piece with the tags unattached. Both versions, probably had the same vinyl color and pain applications. For now, this version is assumed to be reproduced in 1991 due to the date imprinted on the bottom of Rodan's foot.

Rodan is molded out of brown hard vinyl with gold and greenish highlights for some added flare, somehow the combination works. Besides the feet, this monster looks pretty good with some gold coating. However, the mold and extra details are what makes this figure so cool.

From head to toe, Rodan has been sculpted beautifully. The design also comes with the monster's normal upright posture that is strikingly similar to what you've seen in the movies. The figure's texture ranges from grainy etchings in the wings to rough, bumpy skin, which is quite acceptable for a vintage piece. The only problem with Rodan is he's very unstable and cannot stand on a perfectly leveled surface. However, Rodan can stand perfectly stable on shelves that are slightly inclined when flushed against a wall.

Figure Specs:


Size Comparison:

Final Thoughts:  Rodan may not be one of the most popular monsters out there, but I absolutely like this figure. The sculpt is neat, the paint job enhances the appeal, and I especially enjoy Rodan's natural pose. The good news is this toy is not quite expensive compared to other popular, vintage figures, and the supply continues to remain strong. If you're willing to spend $30 - $45, for this figure....go for it!

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