Saturday, December 5, 2015

Funko Pop! Animation Tokyo Ghoul Ken Kaneki Vinyl Figure Review

Ken Kaneki (#61) comes from a very popular manga and anime series named, “Tokyo Ghoul.” In Funko’s Pop! Animation series, he is released along with Touka Kirishima (#62). This figure, in particular, is a Hot Topic Exclusive and is said to be able to glow in the dark, according to the box.

Ken Kaneki

Ken Kaneki is displayed in his renowned ghoul form. All of the key details are there, such as his white hair, red (left) eye, mask that covers Ken’s right eye and mouth, black clothing, black painted nails, and much more. The figure also includes Ken’s red Kagane that is protruding out of his back, and Ken cracking the index finger of his right hand much similar to Yakumo “Jason” Oomori. The only articulated feature is Ken’s head, which rotates 360 degrees.

As advertised, Ken Kaneki is stated to be able to glow in the dark. However, the vague description is actually misleading. Contrary to what a lot of people may assume, the glowing gimmick does not effectively show itself when held under a bright light source for a couple minutes then moved into a dark room. The glowing features actually reveal themselves when brought under a black light, which is demonstrated at Hot Topic’s web store. At that point, Ken’s white hair clearly stands out.

Ken Kaneki's Height


Funko has included a solid character in the Pop! Animation line. Ken Kaneki and all of his details came out very well. Although the “Glow-in-the-dark” feature is worthless without a black light, the figure is still a great collector’s item.

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  1. I got mine to glow in the dark by holding him up against a light bulb for a few seconds. Turn out the light, and the back glows pretty good. The longer you hold him to the bulb, the brighter the glow is in the dark. I can see how a black light would give this one a cool glowing affect, but it does actually glow in the dark without any light as well.

    1. Hi Lydia! During the initial test I could've sworn that I saw no glow coming from Ken's back. I will try it out again. Thank you for your advice!

  2. Good, better, best. Never let it rest. 'Til your good is better and your better is best. Funko POP


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