Monday, December 28, 2015

Figma Bruce Lee (#266) Review

Marking the 75th Birthday of the late martial artist and film star, Bruce Lee, Figma released a super-poseable figure of Bruce with some really cool accessories!

Bruce Lee

The quality of this figure is immediately noticed, when taken out of the box. The details of Bruce Lee’s head, arms, and torso are amazing. The muscles were even brilliantly complemented by a controlled amount of black paint that was airbrushed. The one thing to gradually take in is the visible lines and layers of plastic material that comprises Bruce Lee’s chest and upper back region. The layers and flexibility of the plastic ensured that Bruce Lee gets proper movement at that point.

Bruce Lee’s apparel and shoes are just as perfect. Bruce wears the blue pants that were seen from “Enter the Dragon.” A few bits of the material feel soft and flexible, similar to Bruce’s torso, to optimize the figure’s maneuverability. The details of those wrinkles and creases in the plastic that mimics real fabric were done very well.


Bruce Lee comes with:

- 5 different set of hands.
- 3 different facial expressions.
- 2 nunchaku.
- 1 flight stand.

All of these pieces allow the user to recreate moments of Bruce Lee during a fight scene on ground and in midair. They work splendidly and successfully capture some of Bruce Lee’s emotions.

Bruce Lee's Height

Bruce Lee's Articulation


Initially, this figure was underestimated. However, after taking the time to work with what’s given, the results turned favorably. This toy certainly shows some great quality through the various joints that aren’t too snug or loose, fun variety of accessories, and the fabulous range of articulation that truly captures Bruce Lee’s presence from certain scenes. This toy is recommended!

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