Saturday, July 18, 2015

Godzilla Vinyl Wars CCP Godzilla 2001 (GMK) Review

The following figure has been on the want list for a while. Thanks to Medicom Toy and CCP, this glorious figure has been reissued for the first time!

Godzilla 2001 (GMK)

To sum up this figure in one sentence, the toy is accurate, but with a hint of Marmit-like traits. Godzilla contains some accurate details resembling to the likeliness of the movie. The skin texture, fins, tail, arms, legs, and head were pretty well sculpted. Even Godzilla’s hunched over stance reminisce to the movie, particularly when Godzilla faced Baragon in Hakone.

The type of vinyl and paint selection also adds a sense of accuracy much further. Godzilla is comprised of dark grey vinyl with some parts being air brushed with light grey paint to make his skin details pop more. His fingers and fins were painted white. The toes, teeth, and eyes were colored ivory with grey gradients. If there was one thing to change on this figure, it would be painting Godzilla's claws ivory instead of white.

How this toy gives a hint of Marmit-like traits is the figure’s proportions. The length of Godzilla’s arms, legs, and tail isn’t completely right, his upper torso is a tad small, and the head is slightly enlarged.  Such traits are similarly seen on Marmit and Gigabrain toys, and these alterations were necessary to fit these fully assembled and painted figures in plastic bags with header cards. However, despite such disproportion issues, Godzilla’s sculpted pose does a great job in shadowing these disadvantages.


Technically, there are four points of articulation. However, the unique design and stiff material prevents every joint from rotating completely and forcing every point to move all the way isn't recommended.

Godzilla's Height

Size Comparison


Before the introduction of X-Plus figures, CCP’s version felt like a step above Bandai’s standard vinyl toy. Today, this sentiment still remains true. The craftsmanship is wonderful and the predominant set of matte finish colors successfully relates with the Kaiju on screen. Although this figure is probably now overshadowed by X-Plus’ 25 and 30 cm variants in the minds of other collectors, CCP’s product still holds a special place in this collection.

Extra photos

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