Wednesday, July 15, 2015

X-Plus Toho 30cm Series Godzilla 2014 Review

Another fantastic Godzilla (2014) figure has arrived! This time, X-Plus offers their own take on a monster that has made his mark last year on the box office. Does this figure do the King of the Monsters justice?

Godzilla 2014

In terms of sculpting and details, X-Plus did a wonderful job on this figure. Godzilla slouches forward, much similar to the movie. His tail curls up in the air, the left foot is planted forward, and the arms are down and to the side. His skin texture is superb, as the figure mimicked the crocodile-like skin, gills, layered scales, wrinkles, and fins. His individually sculpted teeth are also a sight to behold. Although those chompers aren’t as scary as Japan’s most recent incarnations, they were nicely crafted and painted.

Paint wise, this figure has some accuracy, but X-Plus did take a few extra liberties to probably make Godzilla’s details pop more. The most obvious is Godzilla’s mouth region, which contains light tan paint applied around the lip and snout region. This decision may have successfully captured some attention, but such liberties also risk being a peeve for some people.

Despite one questionable choice, the color combination is very effective. Godzilla is grey with tan paint airbrushed on his chest, neck, inner arms, inner legs, and underneath the tail. Godzilla’s claws and toes are also painted tan. His eyes are gold with black pupils, the teeth are ivory layered with tan, and his tongue and gums are pink.

Godzilla's Height

Size Comparison


The answer to the question stated in the intro, is yes! X-Plus offered exactly what familiar figure collectors expected. Godzilla’s static pose perfectly captures the demeanor he’s had in the film. The attention to detail is as spot on as they ever will be. Finally, the paint job, though not completely accurate, mostly relates with the source material. Among all of the Godzilla (2014) figures on-hand, this piece is a sure favorite.

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