Wednesday, October 8, 2014

S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla Effect 2 Review

As S.H. MonsterArts continue to dig deeper in the Godzilla franchise, producing more effect sets is bound to happen, especially for those interested in creating cool dioramas. After three years since the first accessories kit, Tamashii Nations produced another batch called Godzilla Effect 2.


A definite treat from this set is four damaged buildings. The inclusion of buildings are nothing new because they were issued before with Moguera, but were very different in design, a tad small in scale, and didn't have damaged aesthetics like these ones. These models are bigger with pleasantly crafted details.

Each structure isn't unique in design. The set consists of two different buildings, and each structure has a duplicate. Every piece has either the roof or side partially destroyed, and Tamashii Nations has managed to craft the texture of rubble and cracks in near perfection.

These models are molded out of grey plastic and painted with darker grey weathering. If needed, one could take the time to color every window panel of these buildings.

Although these structures aren't as tall as sky scrapers, they still match with Godzilla quite nicely. Other S.H. MonsterArts figures will likely achieve the same result as well.

Atomic Ray Beams

There are two different beam effects, but they are both remolded out of Godzilla's very first atomic breath effect. One of them is clear that transitions to yellow on both ends, while the other is milky white that fades to yellow at the tip.  Color wise, there's little to no accuracy, so there really isn't anything remarkable to mention here. Currently, this beam has been reused three times already.

However, the exploding effect that goes with the milky white beam is very interesting. This piece is a translucent orange dome sculpted to mimic an expanding fire explosion with spiky yellow tips and red swirls.

There are grooves carved underneath that allow the explosion to fit snuggly on the end of an atomic beam. Normally, this add-on piece goes well with the milky white beam, due to the color schemes, but both atomic breath effects fits just the same. One little problem is the huge chunk of plastic used to replicate this explosion makes an atomic breath very front heavy.

When not combined with atomic beams, this effect could be used just about anywhere a collector wants to explode. They could lean against a building or sit on the ground.

Support Bases

With two beams, comes two different support bases. One is the rippling flame that has been seen many times before. This base is clear with mixed with small streaks of yellow to match with the color scheme of the glossy one.

The other was sculpted and colored to look like a crackling ground forged immediately when an atomic breath is fired. To Tamashii Nation's credit, they used the same idea, but with a different twist. The benefits of this base is the sturdiness and flexibility when in use. The range of movement a clear articulated arm support can make with this one is a major improvement.


The beams, by themselves, aren't that exciting because they have been produced a couple of times before. However the newer features thrown in, like an exploding effect tip, a crackling ground support base, and four damaged buildings totally makes up for any shortcomings. More importantly, a lot of fun was had the more I played around with various display options. At the end of the day, having more things to assemble cool dioramas are always a good thing. I recommend these fun accessories to anyone who is willing to give them a try!

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