Sunday, September 25, 2011

Charapro: Stan Hansen Figure Review

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Greetings viewers, this is another wrestling figure made in Japan: Charapro's Stan Hansen figure!

Charapro: Stan Hansen
Stan Hansen is one of the most successful and popular gaijin (foreign) wrestler in Japanese history. Stan Hansen did work in both New Japan Pro Wrestling in the around 1980 to early 1981 before jumping to All-Japan Pro Wrestling to wrestle regularly until his retirement in 2000.

His finishing and respected maneuver is the western lariat; a stiff, open forearm shot to where the neck meets the shoulder. Please do not confuse the western lariat with a close line from hell. Stan Hansen focuses his attack to the opponents neck and sometimes the face. The lariat can also happen at anytime and position whenever there's an opening; he doesn't need to throw himself or his opponents in the ropes all the time. I've seen Stan Hansen hit a guy with the lariat standing right in front of him during a fist fight. Bradshaw's close line from hell is a little more flashy; he always set's up his opponents by bouncing them or himself off the ropes. Bradshaw always needed some kind of running start to execute his move. Hansen used the lariat long before Bradshaw did. For reference, check out this video:

Once again, Charapro demonstrated it's superb ability to sculpt this figure to look identical to the real person. I bought this figure loose online with all of his accessories! Stan Hansen is sculpted in his wrestling pose; he makes his left hand look like bull horns while holding the bull ropes in the other hand and scream, "YEEEEEEEEE!"

*NERD ALERT* Actually Stan Hansen holds the bull rope with his left hand and signal the bull horns with his right hand. So technically, this toy is inaccurate.

I don't mind this huge mistake because Stan Hansen is one of my favorite wrestlers and there aren't any other figures made from America that comes close to accuracy.

The hat and bull rope can be removed, but Stan would look too silly to stand on your shelf without it. Without the props he looks like one of those awkward "statue" performers you see on the street.

Details other than the accessories I mentioned include black cowboy chaps with white skulls on the bottom....very nice, a matching vest with another skull on the left and initials SH (Stan Hansen for those who didn't catch on quickly) on the right, and his ring attire underneath the chaps and vest.

The only articulation on this figure is his arms; both will rotate vertically 360 degrees.

For size comparison, the "Bad Man From Borger, Texas," absolutely dwarfs Randy Savage. But he does as usual, match with the other guys from Charapro.

In my opinion, there has never been a figure as good like this. Despite the lack of pose ability, one cannot argue that there are better toys of Stan Hansen out there. If there is please let me know cause I'm interested. If you see this toy on sale anywhere for a reasonable price, buy him ASAP!


  1. Never saw this figure before, it does look awesome though!

    1. Thank you for the comment One Shot! There are two variations of this model. One is the one you see here, while the other version has yellow cowboy chaps with a whitish cowboy hat.


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