Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Transformers Age of Extinction Deluxe Class Scorn Review

Thanks to a close friend and fellow collector, I received the AoE Scorn as a gift. Scorn is the second Deluxe Class Dinobot to be released in the first wave of the Age of Extinction toys. Without any further ado, let's move on to the review!

Dino Mode

Scorn is a cool looking Spinosaurus. Just like Slug, this dinosaur's body is shaped like layers of shrapnel contouring around a dino skeleton. Scorn has an effective combination of red with orange, silver, and grey paint. Some parts maintain some flat grey plastic, but thankfully, they aren't that much of an eyesore.

The spines and tail are casted out of rubber to keep the costs down and perhaps resolve some potential child safety issues. Overall, the look is really cool and there aren't that many hollow spots in this dinosaur.

Scorn does have some articulation in dino mode. His legs are on a ball joint with a knee swivel, just enough to pose Scorn as if he's charging an opponent or standing triumphant. The arms are also on ball joints. Scorn's head is rigged with three different joints that would allow him to look in all sorts of directions. However, the lower neck piece can sometimes get in the way when posing Scorn's neck. One way to remedy this mishap is to let the neck piece kind of dangle to make room, or flip the piece down and keep it tucked underneath the jaw. You can't go wrong either way. The Jaw opens and closes to your liking.

Robot Mode

When comparing Scorn to Slug, Scorn seems to be more of a power house between the two. Scorn has bigger, broader shoulders and chest with slimmer legs, but is enough to support his weight. Scorn is equipped with a Great Helm variant helmet, an array of spikes (teeth) around his body for protection, wings, and a lance (arm). Scorn also comes with a red sword that is initially concealed in his tail.

In a confusing move, the official transformation has the dino head on Scorn's right arm opened to expand his shield, but that just leaves an unsightly gap. Those, who don't like this particular design has the option to leave the mouth closed.

This figure has some other downsides to the layout. Scorn's wrist on his right hand is angled to the left, making his arm look unnaturally posed. Scorn’s head is always tilted forward, due to the figure's design. There’s also some kibble to deal with. The worst one comes from the backside, where the dino arms dangle from the back. Some collectors have taken the liberty to fold Scorn’s arms up, to form some kind of backpack, which is a suitable option.


Figure Specs

Size Comparison


This toy isn't perfect, but it isn't bad either. Scorn has a lot of great points to him. His design is unique, the colors collaborate very well, and the articulation isn't quite lacking. I'm also content with the lance and arm fused together. The biggest peeves will likely be the robot mode's gaping right arm, kibble, and lack of head movement. On the other hand, Scorn’s dino mode is really cool, and easily makes up half the fun of this toy. In the end, Scorn still remains as a neat addition to the AoE Dinobots faction.

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