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S.H. MonsterArts MFS-3 (Kiryu) Review

As soon as I spotted this figure in the Dealers Room of Kawaii-Kon (2014), I just couldn't pass this one up. MFS-3 (Kiryu/MechaGodzilla III) is the ninth entry in S.H. MonsterArts' normal lineup, 15th entry including the web-exclusive toys released prior. This collectible toy is based from the movie:  Godzilla x MechaGodzilla.

Design & Details

If there was one word to describe this figure, it would be "amazing!" There's no question that Kiryu was destined to be included in the S.H. MonsterArts line eventually. This figure is comprised of ABS, PVC, and Diecast, but thanks to the great paint job, no one can tell how much metal is actually used until Kiryu is in his/her hand.

As far as design and details go, Tamashii Nations, hit this one right out of the ball park. The figure looks like it just came out of the screen, but in a way smaller scale. The metal parts also add to the novelty of this toy imitating a robot.

Kiryu’s design has just about everything one could expect on this figure, such as thick armor, screws, electrical components underneath, and even sets of rubber cables rigged in the neck and thighs that flex whenever the legs move. Tamashii Nations also threw in some extra elements concealed inside Kiryu's body, like a pair of jet thrusters in each leg, maser cannon's in the mouth, and a mega zero cannon hidden inside the chest.

One particular detail that went unnoticed up to this point, is Kiryu's teeth appears organic, as if this is the only physical remnant of the original Godzilla showing through this machine.

The biggest drawback of Kiryu, is the midsection isn't secured and instead bobs around, for the sake of allowing some articulated features. This is something, people have to get used to in the long run.

Paint Job

The paint job is near perfect. The silver finish on the plastic parts blends really well with the metal components. Even the "MSF-3" code was painted (in white) on Kiryu's chest. Kiryu's teeth are painted ivory.

Unfortunately, the paint applied on Kiryu's hands are very sloppy. There are obvious signs of some excess paint running down those pieces, and there are some white blemishes on the shoulders. These rubs might have been caused during transport.


Kiryu's accessories certainly feels like the highlight of this set. This toy would've look weird without these extras. Included in this bundle is Kiryu's jet pack/missile launchers, a set of (blue) dual laser cannons, a pair of blades for close range combat, and two extra set of eyes in different colors (yellow and red). The red eyes are symbolic to the moment Kiryu's old memories as Godzilla (1954) reawakens. If only a maser beam effect coming out of Kiryu's mouth was included.

The trouble with the dual laser cannons is they sometimes pop out of the socket quite easily, which can get annoying pretty quickly. These arm cannons could have had longer pegs for better attachment.


The figure's inability to pose in a wider stance is quite a disappointment. On the other hand, the tail's range of movement is very impressive, and is regarded as the best tail articulated SHMA toy to this day. Kiryu's tail can curl into an 'S' shape or rotate. The hinge and ball joints rigged in Kiryu's ankles are very stiff, which gives him the advantage to lean forward pretty far. Posing this figure to stampede onward is quite simple.

Figure Specs

Size Comparison


If you haven't bought Kiryu yet, I strongly recommend this figure to be a part of your wishlist. The articulation and accessories are fun to play with. However, there aren't any beam effects included, which is kind of disappointing. Regardless, this figure will likely never disappoint, and is regarded as one of the best SHMA figures of 2013.

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  1. Amazing figure, the newer 2018 version gives some neat blast effects too


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