Monday, May 19, 2014

Transformers Age of Extinction Deluxe Class Slug Review

Perhaps the most anticipated aspect of the new movie, Transformers Age of Extinction, is the re-introduction to the Dinobots. Here, is one of the characters to come from the first wave of Deluxe Class figures. Here, is Dinobot Slug!

Dino Mode

Slug's alternate mode is a purple triceratops with silver and red patterned plating. The face sculpt's extra set of horns protruding from the jaw and rows of sharp teeth, gave Slug a very short-tempered, aggravated look, as if one little mistake will set this mechanical beast off. However, one confusing aspect in the face's design, is having the eyes positioned a little too centered and close to the jaw line. The front set of horns have their tips cut for safety reasons.

The rest of Slug's body utilizes lots of layered, geometric shaped armor contouring around a dino skeleton. This concept certainly interprets quite well on toys. Although the color scheme isn't movie accurate, they do complement each other on this toy. Most of the proportions seem right, with the exception of the tail's length.

Another questionable move by Hasbro is the weapon storage option. Both swords peg into Slug's sides, which results to a dinosaur with two blades protruding from the body. The design couldn't figure out a way to conceal these weapons. Unless Slug actually used these swords in this particular fashion in the movie, the weapon storage option seems rather forced and unoriginal.

Robot Mode

Transforming slug into robot mode for the first time can be cumbersome. The process in reference, is where Slug's dino arms tab into the robot mode's waist. Getting the tabs properly aligned can be quite difficult, especially when there are other things blocking your view.

Slug transforms into 1 out of 5 knight-themed robots. The armor maintains the layered patterns displayed in dino mode, as well as having a nice balance in color and bulk (mostly). Slug sports a knight helmet (similar to the Tudor Close Helm style), big shoulders, forearms, legs, and pointed feet. For what they are, Slug does his intended purpose to look quite strong and timid.

All joints in this figure are quite stiff, with the waist swivel as an exception. The bulky frilled shoulders can get in the way of articulation, which gets annoying pretty quickly.

The biggest peeve of this robot mode is the leg kibble dangling from Slug's rib cage, but admittedly, without the presence of those legs, Slug would've looked too slim around his waist.


Slug is armed with a pair of rubber swords, which is no surprise considering they weren't concealed in dino mode. The sword is unique for having for different sets of blades, two of them are pronged.


Figure Specs


I like the English knight theme used for these Dinobots. Slug  isn't perfect, he's a tad hollow and his arm and shoulder movements are quite limited. However, he is still fun to play with, especially with the amount of articulation given. Plus, the overall intimidating, battle ready presence of this character is very appealing. Slug is a great addition for anyone, who is intrigued with the AoE themed toys.

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