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Marmit Anguirus 1968 (Pre-painted Built-Up Model Kit) Review

Anguirus was released by Marmit in 2008 as a pre-painted built vinyl figure. There was another version of this figure sold as an unpainted unassembled model kit, so a collector had the choice of having their figure already made or as a custom project. A few sources cited that the unpainted model kit version actually was released in 2006, which implies that the "already made" version might have been released two years later. The technicality is not that important because both versions are a joy to have.

The Figure

The realistic design complete with mind blowing details is utterly amazing on this figure. Anguirus is covered with overlapping scales combined with a plethora of wrinkles and creases that very much resembles the actual monster. Marmit also went one step beyond to not leave out the small set of spikes that were commonly seen on Anguirus' front and back legs. In addition to this topic, how the spikes were arranged on the carapace and tail is also spot on.

One unique feature on the 1968 Anguirus is there are two columns of spikes in the middle that face in the opposite direction, which splits into four columns near the rear end of his carapace.

The sculpt of Anguirus' head features two front fangs that are angled and overlap the rows of sharp teeth inside the jaw. The horn on the nose and six additional spikes on the head is also flawless.

Marmit designed Anguirus to display a seemingly natural battle stance pose, where he glances up in the air as his front legs are posed either firmly planted on the ground or extended in the air, which will add a physical expression that he is crawling forward. Even the two back legs are designed differently to give an impression that Anguirus is moving somehow, and the tail is curved up into the air.

Anguirus comes in a light gray base with a darker shade of gray and a few shades of purple (underneath) in the form of patches or streaks to make the scales pop more. All of the spikes, horns, teeth, and claws are colored completely white or have white tips. Despite that this figure suffers from lacking color accuracy, Marmit's choice of paint does combine well with much subtlety.

Figure Dimensions


Final Thoughts

Although Anguirus is not color accurate, Marmit deserves every bit of credit for creating a figure so amazingly detailed. Anguirus is very well designed and he would likely scale better with other X-Plus figures, instead of Bandai's standard scaled toys. Currently, the rarity and prices seen on eBay are what scares away most potential customers from buying this piece, but if you're patient or personally knows someone who would be willing to sell, you just may buy this guy for the right price. Trust me, this figure is worth every penny!

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