Sunday, June 30, 2013

Devil Gundam Creation Part 2: Getting Back On Track!

Despite a few slip ups from before, I continue to fix them quickly and efficiently before moving on to the next step.

I got myself a fine tip Gundam marker (black) for panel lining. I am very impressed how 'Magic Rub' erasers easily remove excess marks while inking.

I also slowed my progress down to remove every piece off the runner to sand them down, wash, and prepare for painting. From now on, every piece that will be painted, will be coated with primer first.

Some parts sprayed with grey primer.

Half-way through repainting them black.

I experienced another setback, when I painted Devil Gundam's feet with two tones of color. My masking take did not protect the red paint that well, some yellow got on the toes. To fix it, I would have to re-sand the toes, mask all of the yellow parts then have another go at it. This is easer said than done considering all of those tight spaces and corners.

The feet was primed with white.

The color looks nice. Too bad the yellow paint bled through the masking tape.

For those, who don't have some extra foam blocks to use, I found cardboard boxes to be a good substitute. Just stick the skewers in any hole along the edges.

I also bought myself a set of Tamiya brand masking tape, which is from what I researched, perhaps the best masking tape for painted models.

The creation of Devil Gundam still continues. Please check back for another update!

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