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Transformers FOC Kickback Review

Transformers Fall of Cybertron line continued the series after Wave 1 (Optimus Prime, Jazz, & Shockwave) with Wave 2 (Bruticus). I was not interested in Bruticus, so I skipped over to Wave 3. Kickback to me was on my #1 want list from Wave 3 and why not? He is 1/3 of the Insecticons! Let's see how Kickback lives up to the hype!

Kickback's Alternate Mode

Kickback's alternate mode is of course, a Cybertronian insect, most likely a locust. The overall color scheme of purple and gold trim sure looks pretty. Kickback's revamped FOC look is pretty cool for what it is and there's some great looking details molded on his insect body, especially the thorny exterior patterns on the front legs, middle legs, and hind legs. Although Kickback looks alright, there are some slight issues with how some of the limbs were designed. First, the biggest eyesore are remnants of Kickback's knee and feet from his robot mode being somehow the tarsus part of the insect's back legs with no alternative way of concealing them.

However, you have the option to reposition the back legs similar to Kickback's prototype pics, if needed. Second, the locust also has some undercarriage junk (hands) exposed underneath the abdomen. Finally, the tips of the wings are pincers that serves a purpose in robot mode. Here, those pincers are merely decorative. Other than that, everything else was nicely concealed.

Kickback's Robot Mode

Like his insect mode, Kickback sports a neat, modern look in robot mode. There is certainly some kind of anime feel here, if this is something to appreciate. The robot mode also has some great detail, the best part is the exoskeleton serving as battle armor. There isn't too much kibble, and the remnants of the two sets of legs are not much of a distraction as they dangle from the back.



Kickback comes with two different accessories. The first is this set of two twin blades that are detached from Kickbacks wings in insect mode. As wings, they look tattered, but as a sword, they look stupid. The twin blades do not look like dangerous weapons, they look more like feathers.

The second accessory is a disc launcher that looks good but has a really terrible gimmick. The disc launching weapon is not spring loaded, instead there is a tab on top that you push or pull to either lock or release the disc. There is barely little projection from the disc when released. The twin blades can also peg into the weapon to make the launcher look more like a crossbow.

Figure Specs 




Size Comparison


Final Thoughts

Despite the aforementioned problems with Kickback's alternate mode and accessories, the figure still remains very fascinating, and is one of if not, my favorite Transformers toy compared to two other figures I own from wave 3. Kickback's different appearance from other Autobots and Decepticons is what made this guy stand out for me, and for that I was able to easily meet my value. If you still find Kickback cool, you'll probably be satisfied too.

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