Sunday, February 17, 2013

Transformers Fall Of Cybertron Optimus Prime Review

This may be long overdue, but I really want to review toys from Transformers FOC Wave 1 line because we are already in Wave 3. Optimus Prime was another figure released alongside FOC Shockwave in series 1. This version of Optimus Prime is based from the Fall of Cybertron video game.

Vehicle Mode:  Optimus Prime's vehicle mode is a Cybertronian Truck. A very unique design indeed, as the whole truck has a geometric shape instead of a standard box cab, which makes sense because this vehicle is supposed to look like something from outer space.

The details look cool, but they would look much better if there were more paint apps, such as making the flat gray parts silver. One cool feature is that Optimus' ion cannon can peg in the back of the cab to have the gun aimed forward while rolling. Speaking about rolling, Optimus generally does roll well on its wheels but the two inner ones doesn't quite touch the ground.

Robot Mode:  Perhaps the first thing any OP fan must get used to are those tall shoulders. At first they looked awkward, seeing them on Optimus reminds me of Boris Karloff in Frankenstein.

However, they weren't something to freak out over. The toy strikingly resembles Optimus in Fall of Cybertron, and the best detail are the silver paint applied on a few parts, especially the Autobots symbol.

Unfortunately, the eyes are painted instead of having light-piping installed. One critical step in Optimus' transformation is to flush his feet as far back under the legs as you can without breaking it. This step will allow Optimus stand with stability. The biggest drawback like Shockwave, is the plastic feels light and cheap. This material will likely be the norm in Transformers toys from now on.

Accessories:  Optimus Prime comes with only one accessory, his ion cannon. The cannon is designed to be used right side up or upside down, depending on your taste. There are several options on how to use this gun. The cannon can peg into Prime's hands or shoulder. In vehicle mode, the ion cannon can also peg sideways in the truck.

Figure Specs:


Size Comparison:

Final Thoughts:  I honestly did not like this figure at first because the look gave a weird first impression and the quality felt like cheap plastic, but through time I actually warmed up to Optimus and had a fun playing with his poseability. This version of Optimus Prime may not be one of the best ones out there, but the FOC edition does deserve a mention. I recommend FOC Optimus Prime.

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