Sunday, February 24, 2013

Transformers Fall Of Cybertron Jazz Review

Wrapping up the last figure of the FOC wave 1 line is a deluxe size Jazz. Wave 1 consisted of Shockwave, Optimus Prime, and Jazz. The question is, how does Jazz compare to the rest of his fellow cast mates?

Alt Mode:  Jazz's vehicle mode is a Cybertronian racer. The design is pretty slick and the predominant colors of white and metallic blue certainly complement each other to a certain degree.

However, this mode does come with a few issues. The back end of Jazz's vehicle mode doesn't quite conceal the inner parts. Seeing the folded hands and feet can be an eyesore. One word of caution though, Jazz's lack of ground clearance crucially requires all limbs to be tucked in perfectly underneath the car, otherwise the bottom to rub against any service as the wheels roll.

Robot Mode:  Jazz's robot mode is better than his vehicle mode. The size proportions and details molded on the armor are fine. However, the hollow upper torso of Jazz is a bit of a letdown. Maybe Hasbro did everything they could to conceal as much empty spots as they can while keeping the ability for the robot to properly transform. Whatever the reason may be, Jazz's body seems more like an exoskeleton than anything else. Jazz seems to include light up eyes, but they are rarely seen.

Accessories:  Jazz comes with his own blaster pistol. The pistol can peg in either one of Jazz's hands, Jazz's roof in his vehicle mode, or even the side of the car.

Figure Specs:


Size Comparison:

Final Thoughts:  Compared to Shockwave and Optimus Prime, Jazz feels like the weakest in this entry. The biggest deduction is Jazz's inability to roll in vehicle mode with a reasonable amount of clearance. I can see Jazz's blue knees rubbing off in time. Also, Jazz's hollow shell of an upper torso is another element that distracts from the figure's overall appeal. I only prefer Jazz's robot mode, and when I'm not too focused in Jazz's hollow parts, at least I could say that everything else on this mode is okay. Therefore, I offer some discretion, if you can get past Jazz's empty hood, maybe this figure is for you. This toy is also a great project for some customization though. I've seen some great custom photos online.

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