Sunday, February 17, 2013

Saibaa Nichiyobi: Sledge with Throttler Review

The same seller that sold me Steamhammer with Constructicons, also recommended Sledge because this toy also match with the Constructicons. With the right price, I was able to acquire Sledge to see for myself.

Alternate Mode:  According to my sources, Sledge's alternate mode is a rockwheel trencher construction vehicle with a spinning saw blade. Either way, this construction vehicle reminds me more of a battle bot. Although this alternate mode seems more like a hodge-podge of leftover construction parts, there is also this strange appeal.

The fact that Sledge has a front loader, backhoe, saw, and bulldozer treads just gives an impression that this Decepticon means serious business. The treads are plastic molded with wheels concealed on the bottom. The backhoe does have hinge joints in them, which allows the arm and bucket to bend in a scooping motion. Sledge's saw also has a hinge to adjust it's height, while the front loader remains in one position.

Robot Mode:  Sledge's robot mode looks pretty decent. Sledge's primary face isn't the best looking expression out there. His face looks like an angry bulldog with a pair of insect-like mandibles. Since we're on the subject, why does a construction robot in disguise have mandibles?

The good news though is that Sledge's power up face looks must better (must be the face shield) than his usual one. Keeping Sledge's power up face for robot and power up mode is always preferred because everything somehow looks cooler with that face shield on. Sometimes rules have to be broken. Sledge's robot mode is done pretty well considering the limitations of all PCC figures have in this line. All construction parts are appropriately incorporated without giving too much kibble. Perhaps the biggest eyesore is the backhoe parts doubling as arm shields, but they are easy to get past. The best compliment to this toy is that Sledge does not seem very hollow inside and the plastic used seems pretty good and not too cheap.

Throttler:  Sledge comes with his mini side-kick, called Throttler, which is the biggest gripe of this review.

Throttler's disguise is a huge translucent purple drill, which could peg into Sledge's backhoe or on top of the driver's cab. These options feels more like a cheap excuse for weapon storage because how could a construction vehicle ever have a fully functioning drill mounted on a cab or bucket?

To Throttler's credit he does match better when Sledge is in robot mode. There Throttler can become a weapon on Sledge's shoulder or upper torso.

Throttler can also transform into a type of chest shield, but that looks a little goofy and pointless. In robot mode, Throttler looks like he's been taking in a lot of energon because it clearly gave him a kegger. Is this Decepticon nine-months pregnant or something?

Gestalt Mode:  Sledge was personally recommended to me because the previous owner claimed that Sledge looks better with the Constructicon drones. Well, the owner was right! Sledge and the Constructicons looks better together than Steamhammer did.

Sledge himself seems like a robot made up of various construction parts, like Frankenstein's monster. In this case, Sledge can only look better when more Construction vehicles are added onto him. The minor details like front loader knees, backhoe shoulder, and Throttler's shield mode adds an extra nice touch for this combination.

Final Thoughts:  My overall perception of this toy is very mixed. I do enjoy Sledge's unique alternate mode and robot mode, but only with his power up face. Throttler feels unfit for this set at times. As a drill weapon or a shield, he barely fits in this theme. Throttler looks awkward when he's disguised with Sledge's vehicle mode, but does look much better with Sledge's robot mode, but that doesn't say much. However, Sledge does look great in his gestalt mode with the other Constructicons. Considering that this toy didn't cost me the same as a regular deluxe Transformer, in the end I did get what I paid for. I recommend this toy with high discretion. If you do decide to buy this figure do not expect much out of this.

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