Saturday, February 16, 2013

Echo Bridge Ent. Presents Godzilla VS Biollante!

For the first time on DVD, Echo Bridge Entertainment has finally provided Godzilla fans with one of the most renown movies from the Hesei era, Godzilla VS Biollante! Although fans are already familiar with the plot and monsters that starred in it, this movie was not widely distributed in USA since the early 90's through VHS. This DVD has the original Japanese dialogue with English subtitles, or set it up with English dubbing.

For those who aren't familiar with the story, lead bio researcher Dr. Shiragami, after losing his daughter, named Erica from an attack from terrorists, created a specimen that contained DNA from a rose, Godzilla, and his lost daughter. This experiment lead to the creation of Biollante, and eventually Godzilla was drawn in to have a huge battle.

The perks to this movie is that the story is original, the special effects are nicely done for its time, and Godzilla and Biollante's fight scenes are great. What you may not like is the pace of the movie because there are a few plot points that drag for too long, and some cheesy acting from the foreign actors. The way they speak in English just doesn't seem too convincing. However, I still think this is a movie that anyone should see at least once.

The movie also come with special features, including the 'Making of Godzilla Vs Biollante' documentary and views of various models of what Biollante could've looked like before her final design. The documentary also discusses deleted scenes that utilized other special effects like claymation and anime.

I highly recommend this DVD because the story is good and more importantly, it is cheap! If you find this DVD in your local Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Best Buy, Fry's, or other stores that sell Godzilla movies, you will likely spend under $10! Why wait? Pick yours up soon!

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