Sunday, October 21, 2012

Saibaa Nichiyoobi: Transformers PCC Steamhammer w/Constructicons

Power Core Combiners (PCC) was a Transformers toy series that featured one transforming robot with four drones. Together they combine to form one huge machine. After reading previous reviews, the overall opinion was that Steamhammer with Constructicons is one of the best figures out there.

Alt. Mode (Steamhammer):  Steamhammer's alternate mode is a bulldozer. Overall, the vehicle mode has some very nice detail, except for the side windows that were left unpainted. However, there are some cool things molded on the body such as a set of steps to access the driver's seat, bolts, and industrial plates.

Most of the bulldozer is colored neon green, with black treads, flat silver blade (plow), and a ripper. The best detail is the blade because the bottom edge is dry brushed with some silver and there's a wicked Decepticons symbol on the upper half. The front end (blade) does have a fair amount of movement.

Robot Mode (Steamhammer):  In robot mode, Steamhammer does look very menacing as a Decepticon. He has a face that looks similar to an angry bulldog, and his ripper transforms into a set of claws to use as weapons.

The blade then becomes a backpack, but those dangling treads sticking out of Steamhammer's back are just extra kibble. The legs does have a good range of motion, but his arms' movement are slightly restricted because of that backpack.

Drones:  Steamhammer comes with four Constructicon drones:  A drill, front end loader, plow, and steam roller. The variety of constructions vehicles are perfectly fitting, and they come with exceptional designs, color combinations, and details.

If all of the drones were in the same color as Steamhammer, consumers may immediately get the cohesive vibe of this team. Instead, each vehicle comes in different colors, which is an okay settlement. Too bad these vehicles cannot transform into their own robot mode either. Because these Constructicons are drones, they can only transform into a limb for Steamhammer's power-up mode.

Gestalt Mode:  Overall, Steamhammer does look exceptionally well. Steamhammer's upgraded head somehow bears a resemblance to Boba Fett and Moltar in one.

The role of every drone does seems to coordinate because there are two treaded vehicles that are arms, while the other roadside machines become a set of legs. Unfortunately, there are a few proportion issues. Compared to other limbs, the front end loader and the plow are a little long. Because of the plow, getting this robot to stand up perfectly leveled may be a bit troubling. Furthermore, the limbs add a good amount of bulk to this figure, but those flat looking parts of the body (hip and thighs) does take some of that appeal away.

On a positive note, the figure's range in articulation are satisfactory. The hands do have sculpted fingers and a hinge that allows thumb articulation. As an added bonus, the drill drone has another hinge for wrist articulation. Besides the hands, there are 12 other points of articulation. His arms rotate 360 degrees, there are three separate joints that allow the legs to swivel in different directions, and the knees can bend and rotate 360 degrees.

Figure Specs:

Final Thoughts:  The concept of having one robot that could transform into two different modes with four other drones as accessories was a great idea. However, because these figures are a little on the small, some aesthetic sacrifices had to be made to make the design work. The result was a combiner with a bulky body, except the flat thighs and hips. Those miniscule details are distracting in some angles, but the gestalt mode does have some poseability and they do look good when displayed on the shelf. There are some peculiar problems that will scare some collectors away, but at the same time not everyone is picky. Therefore, if you like what you see, buy this set.

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