Friday, December 21, 2012

Keiji Mutoh Special: Kokushi Muso & "NWO" Great Muta Review

In my previous review of the Great Sasuke and referee Tiger Hattori, I've hinted that there were still two figures to be reviewed. These pieces are the latest additions to my puroresu figure collection. Today's post will feature another figure version of Kokushi Muso and "NWO" Great Muta, a Keiji Mutoh theme.

Kokushi Muso:  I've reviewed the deluxe version of Kokushi Muso before, and if you haven't read that review yet feel free to view it HERE. Unlike the deluxe set, this figure offers much less in terms of accessories. However, my sources state that the figure reviewed in this article was in fact the first issue of Kokushi Muso, then the deluxe set came second. The only accessory that came with this one was a black stick with kanji written on one side and "Bad Ass Translate Trading" on the other. 

Unfortunately, Kokushi Muso's hands weren't designed to firmly grasp them. The stick has to literally lean on Muso's open palm for it to stand.  The sculpt and details look pretty good overall.

Muso's upper half of the body uses the same design used on Keiji Mutoh's figure, with the only difference being the mixture of english and kanji words written all over the body. The pants have another set of  kanji and English words on one side and a cool looking drawing on the other leg.

For articulation, the arms and waist rotate 360 degrees. There is basically zero poseability here, but at least the figure was sculpted to have this unique stance instead of something more neutral.

Overall, this figure is still nice to have, despite the toy having only one accessory. The paint apps are different and the design is satisfactory. I recommend this figure to any puroresu fan.

"NWO" Great Muta:  This figure has been on my want list for a long time, so I was thrilled to finally buy this toy online. The NWO version is the third reissue of Great Muta, with the only difference being the paint job.

His face is all black with 'nWo' written on the face, and the name 'new World order' painted on the chin. How anyone could paint 'new World order' so tiny with no smudges is amazing! There is a small paint rub on the chin, because this figure was purchased in used condition.

The wristbands is black with blue edges and white laces. There's another cool 'nWo' label on the right wristband, but the left side has some kind of mesh pattern painted in silver. Muta's black pants also has some cool paint details on them. Great Muta's name is written in silver and outlined in red on the right leg.

On the left leg is a silver 'nWo' logo written in silver and overlapping a red, thorny pattern, which is perhaps the best detail on this figure.

For articulation, this figure is a lot more restricted than Kokushi Muso. Both arms rotate 360 degrees at the shoulder, but the waist articulation is nonexistent. Again there is no poseability, but Muta was sculpted to have his battle stance when he's in the ring, which is a fair compensation.

Overall, "NWO" Great Muta is another great addition to anyone's puroresu collection. Even though the figure is a repaint, this toy oozes with plenty of paint apps and other great looking details. I personally like all the 'nWo' logos painted on this piece. This toy brings me back when I was a kid watching "NWO" Muta wrestle on WCW Nitro. I highly recommend this figure to anyone.

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