Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Christmas Special with Biollante!

I wanted to review this figure for a while, but my plans has been delayed to this special day. Since the holiday seasons are here, and the colors of Christmas involves predominantly red and green, the time has come to finally feature one of my favorite figures that isn't Godzilla and has red and green colors: Marmit Monster Heaven Biollante! Marmit's Monster Heaven series have consistently produced fabulous figures as of late and I personally think this gem is one of them. So, let's take a quick look at what makes this monster one of my fave raves!

The Figure:  This version of Biollante is a very good looking figure. One of the biggest perks of this figure is that it is made out of hard vinyl, a material that was commonly used in vintage Godzilla figures. Hard vinyl just feels better in quality and durability than softer plastic.

Another benefit is Biollante's colors. She is molded out of black vinyl and has been painted with some metallic green. Biollante also have some gold painted parts, silver eyes, and red highlights in the mouth and belly. The shade of green may be inaccurate to the movie, but the paint apps do complement each other very well on this figure, and as a result Biollante looks really flashy.

The third asset to this figure is that the sculpt is really neat! Biollante has a fixed pose, which includes her mouth wide open, along with her arms as if she's battle ready. She has various plant-like textures molded on her body from the leaflets down to the vines.

Those vines also form a set of six arms with small, sharp-toothed mouths at each end. The teeth of those vines are individually sculpted, except for one arm that has it's mouth closed. There are four arms facing forward, while the last two are looking back. On Biollante's face, there are scales and a mouth full of teeth that were also individually sculpted. There are also teeth molded on Biollante's palate and bottom of the mouth, but they don't stick out, which is unfortunate.

In all fairness, the one big thing this figure lack is the proportions. Biollante's arms can seem too short in length. However, these imperfections don't stick out like a sore thumb.

Figure Specs:


Size Comparison:  Biollante scales better with the 6 inch figures, but her size may not be entirely perfect. However, the results are as close as it gets. For a standalone figure, she's fine, but don't expect much in the scaling aspect.

Final Thoughts:  Biollante may lack articulation or proper scaling, but that does not mean that the figure is bad whatsoever. Marmit designed a fabulous piece that incorporates most of Biollante's key physical features. The metallic paint job also adds great appeal, and those who appreciate fine sculpted figures would likely adore this toy too! If you find this piece up for sale with a comfortable price, pick her up.

On this note, I want to wish you all a Happy Holidays! Be safe, have fun, and cherish those you value the most. Cheers!

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