Sunday, December 23, 2012

Takara Transformers EZ Collection Megatron (Bayformer) Figure Review

Welcome to another edition of Saibaa Nichiyoobi! This version of Megatron is the last Transformers figure that I bought from Kawaii-Kon. This post was put on hold for a while, because there were other newly released figures to review. However, since I promised to review every figure that was bought from the convention, I have to oblige.

Alt Mode:  Megatron's alternate mode is more like a hybrid Cybertronian tank. The details look quite impressive. The turret and outer body incorporate some neat combination of geometric shapes in it's exterior design.

The turret does have the ability to point the gun up and down, but that's it. There's no rotation whatsoever. The colors look great and to have the treads a different color from the inner treading mechanism is much appreciated. However, the treads would look better in black.

Robot Mode:  Megatron's robot mode leaves a mixed reaction. On a positive note, Megatron has what seems to be two cannons for arms, which is kinda cool. The details and colors are somewhat decent, with the exception of Megatron's face. The head looks less like Megatron, but more like a masked luchador from Mexico.

The bigger problem is this figure has to slouch over as he stands. That inconvenience depicts Megatron like an old, rusted machine, a robot's equivalent to an old man.

For articulation, each leg has ball joint, so they could rotate and sway in any direction. The knees do bend because of the transformation. Megatron's arms are also attached to a ball joint, but they cannot rotate freely because of the kibble in the back. The elbows bend on a hinge. However, posing Megatron in different stances is near impossible to accomplish because of his stability issues. This figure in particular, can only stand upright and nothing more.

Final Thoughts:  For the sake of informing every viewer here, Megatron's alternate mode is far superior than his own robot mode. Therefore, please keep this view in mind prior to purchasing this figure. This toy is decent, but there are aspects that prevent Megatron from being popular compared to other figures from this line. Do feel free to purchase this toy for the sake of completing your collection, or if you are a fan of Megatron. Otherwise, save your money for another figure.

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