Saturday, December 15, 2012

Y-MSF Godzilla 1964 Review

I've had this figure on my want list for a while now, but the only thing that stopped me was the price which was around $40. As soon as I found one for a cheaper price, I had to pull the trigger. Godzilla 1964 is one of my favorite versions of the monster because  this suit was used in Mothra vs Godzilla, where Godzilla fought two Mothra hatchlings toward the end.

The Figure:  Godzilla's pose has him hunched over a little closer to the ground with his tail in the air, as if he's destroying anything at his feet, or is battling the Mothra twins. The pose nicely adds a creative spin to this figure as opposed to having a neutral stance.

The sculpt looks really good and it seems that there were no crucial details left out either. Godzilla's scales seems about right and the knees are bumpy in texture the way it should be. The toes are pretty pointy and they're spread out to add more stability in Godzilla's stance. The claws are neatly sculpted as well, but this figure's best detail is on the head. Godzilla's teeth are individually sculpted and his head has those narrow, yet thick looking eyebrows, a unique feature that separates the '64 look from all the rest.

The colors on this figure looks pretty cool for something so simple. Godzilla's entire body is made out of gray vinyl and the toes, claws, and fins are airbrushed with a lighter shade of gray. There are also light gray highlights on Godzilla's torso, knees, and the underside of his tail, but the eyebrows are green. As a final touch, the entire figure was coated with a glossy looking sealant, which certainly makes Godzilla a little more eye pleasing.

Godzilla's entire body is made out of soft vinyl, which seems to be a little thinner in thickness than most soft vinyl figures from Bandai. However, this toy still holds together quite well and is far from being flimsy.


Final Thoughts:  Y-MSF Godzilla 1964 is a great alternative outside of Bandai, and I'd recommend this figure to anyone that would love to give this collectible item a home. The design is neat, paint apps aren't overbearing, and the pose is original. This figure is a good find, if it could be bought for around $30.

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